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Aryan Guard

Aryan Guard
Aryan Guard Logo
Aryan Guard Logo
  • Calgary, Alberta, Canada

These guys don’t seem to have much relevance these days. The last thing written about them in the present tense goes back to 2009. Still, this is something we will keep around in case either they show up again, or their members do in other capacities.

The Aryan Guard began in late in 2006, and while there didn’t appear to be a single leader, the gang was founded by Kyle McKee primarily, there are some well known Western Canadian neo-Nazis who have joined the group, first and foremost being Bill Noble. After Noble’s Fort St. John apartment was raided by B.C. police he moved to Edmonton, Alberta in part to avoid a future arrest. During this time he made contact with other Edmonton Neo-Nazis including Glenn Bahr and Nathan Touchette, rooming with both on different occasions. He was also spotted at the University of Alberta campus in a building where Richard Warman was giving a speech on Internet hate. Noble was eventually arrested in early 2006 for violation of section 319. His trial ended a couple of weeks ago with the verdict coming down in February 2008. In the meantime Noble began his own political party (with a membership of one) before throwing his support behind Terry Tremaine and his National-Socialist Party of Canada.

Photo taken before distributing hate propaganda in Lethbridge, Alberta
Photo taken before distributing hate propaganda in Lethbridge, Alberta

Noble isn’t the only notable neo-Nazi who is a member of the Aryan Guard, a membership claimed to be around 20 individuals. Another person, also a friend of Nathan Touchette, is Kyle McKee who posts as pitbull-A.G. on Stormfront. McKee made the news a few years ago when he and Touchette began flying the Nazi flag over their shared apartment in Kitchener, Ontario. When both made it known that they planned on moving to Calgary to work in the city’s booming construction industry, Calgary mayor Dave Bronconnier announced through the media that both men were not welcome. Both McKee and Touchette came anyways, but their stay didn’t last long. Touchette went back to Ontario within a few months, returned to Alberta to live in Edmonton, then left that city under a cloud of suspicion regarding a number of assaults and arson. McKee was arrested for assault, possession of a weapon, and wearing a mask in committing his crime and spent a number of months in an Alberta jail; upon release he to went back to Ontario. However, he did eventually return to Calgary, impregnated his 16 year old girlfriend Jackie, and helped to found the Aryan Guard.

Though it was organized in late 2006 the Aryan Guard has been truly active since March 21, 2007 when they had their first official meeting, the first of a number of scheduled for the year as listed on their website, the domain registration being in Noble’s name.

December, 2007 Christmas party

Predictably their April meeting was on 20th to commemorate the birthday of Adolf Hitler. They held two meeting in June, one on the 16th to listen to guest speaker Ontario neo-Nazi leader and fired high school teacher Paul Fromm. While they do have a meeting scheduled for August 19, a number of Aryan Guard members headed to rally and camp-out between August 4 – 6 organized by disgraced former University of Saskatchewan lecturer Terry Tremaine. Among the Aryan Guard members in attendance were Noble, McKee, Dallas Price (wpcalgary on Stormfront), John Marleau, Thomas Trenerry (“Canadian caucasian” and “IHateCommies” on Stormfront), Tyler Lupkoski, and a number of other members and supporters.

Aryan Guard members had been putting up fliers prior to August 14, 2007 blaming minorities for committing multiple crimes in the city, however it was on August 14 that the media really began paying attention. The tabloid, “The Calgary Sun” published a short article on the hate group’s efforts in the city and attributed the fliers to Noble since the Simon Wiesenthal Center have noted them as his handiwork. They were also the subjects of reports on the local news on at least four occasions since then. Later on August 25 members of the Aryan Guard staged a counter rally when anti-racists organized a protest concerning the activities of the gang. The Aryan Guard was vastly outnumbered by those opposing them.

As evident by their discussion on Stormfront, the Calgary racists couldn’t be more pleased with the public attention believing that any publicity is good publicity. Paul Fromm has also added his voice to the discussion:

“Of course, it’s poorly screened immigrants behind many recent violent crimes in Calgary. Note how Leo Adler and the Wisenthalers define “hate” — it’s dissent from the multicult agenda.”

Paul Fromm and the Aryan Guard (December 2007)
Paul Fromm and the Aryan Guard (December 2007)

In August 2008 the gang has became more active and more brazen. As of the updating of this article, the Aryan Guard has been involved in a number of pulic rallies, the most recent taking place on March 21, 2008 when 40 or more Aryan Guard members and their neo-Nazi and Klan allies faced off against more than 200 anti-racists. In December 2007 Paul Fromm made his second visit to Calgary to meet with Aryan Guard members. There has recently been talk of expanding into other Canadian provinces and the United States. While this all might be simply bravado on their part, it is something that needs to be monitored and dealt with should the time come.

While they might be happy with the attention now, we suspect that they won’t be happy very soon. We’re going to look at this quote by Fromm and look at members of the Aryan Guard. It will be evident to everyone that it isn’t just “poorly screened immigrants” who are behind violent crimes in Calgary.

We will be adding more pictures and updates on other individuals who associate with the Aryan Guard. In the meantime, we’ll start with the core of the group as we know now.


John Marleau

a.k.a: bon89. John Richard, jagermeister88

Loud and extremely obnoxious, at the March 21, 2008 rally where the Aryan Guard was confronted by anti-racist activists, Marleau needled Bonnie Collins who’s home had recently been hit by a firebomb, a crime where links to the Aryan Guard are suspected:

21/03/08: How’s your house, Bonnie? Is it nice and toasty in there? How’s Jason and the kids?

What can we say? He’s a mensch.

Marleau has participated in most known Aryan Guard gatherings, marches, and protest. Formerly of Winnipeg, Marleau moved to Calgary but is now living in Lethbridge, AB. He also had a thing for Dallas Price’s girlfriend and feels that Price screwed him over. In reality he really didn’t have a chance.

UPDATE: Marleau appears to no longer be a member of the Aryan Guard. We don’t know the reasons entirely, but it might stem from his general dickishness. He’s also in a very heated dispute with Tom Trenerry who has accused Marleau of theft. In fact, as of October Marleau was expecting to be going to jail on unrelated charges, but these charges appear now to have been dropped.

Brent Goldring

a.k.a: Canadian1488; 14ryder88

Truth in advertising? Goldring has a tattoo across his forehead that reads, “Racist.” (Not to be confused with the American idiot Josh Steever, who does as well)

Goldring has participated in most known Aryan Guard gatherings, marches, and protest.

Robert Reitmeier

a.k.a: German_Pride; agrenegade

Likes to hang around girls quite a bit younger than him. Oh, and he’s spent time behind bars on charges of attempted murder.

Reitmeier is known to have attended the Aryan Guard December 22, 2007 gathering as well and the March 21, 2008 march.

LINKS: http://www.gov.calgary.ab.ca/citybeat/public/2006/12/release.20061207_112204_21671_0

UPDATE: Reitmeier was the victim of a shooting which resulted in life threatening injuries on September 5, 2008.

That Reitmeier was the victim in this case of a violent attack is without question, but the circumstances surrounding the case are still a mystery. Why was Reitmeier shot? Was the perpetrator a gun runner as has been claimed by the original source for this story? Why did Reitmeier, if the Calgary Herald article is correct, wait as long as three hours before seeking medical assistance and reporting the shooting to the police? Did Reitmeier provide accurate information about his assailant(s)?

On September 16, 2008, Brazilian student Jose Ribamar Ribeiro Neto was shot as he and his girlfriend left a restaurant and were walking along Centre Street. Ribeiro, an innocent bystander, survived but has been permanently blinded in the attack. A suspect with a long record that includes weapons, drug, and attempted murder convictions, was arrested on September 19, 2008. Roland Ashley Warawa has also been charged in the shooting that took place in early September (an older picture of Warawa from 1997 can be seen here.

The shooting of Robert Reitmeier.

Again, IF the Calgary Herald article is true, then could Reitmeier’s delay of up to three hours in seeking medical attention for his serious injuries and notifying the authorities about the attempt on his life might have made the difference between Warawa’s capture before the shooting of Ribeiro ever took place and Warawa’s escape to be able to commit future violent assaults? This is admittedly a speculative question on our part.

Warawa has been charged with, among other things, two counts of attempted murder. Ironically, Reitmeier himself was charged with attempted murder late in 2006.

Jason Harley

a.k.a: harley420, harley1488

A punk who has devolved into a bonehead. Has films of himself shouting “white power” (we thought it was supposed to be about white pride and not supremacy, guys, unless you, oh my goodness, lied to us) and playing with his pussy. We mean his cat. He loves him his cat.

Harley has participated in most known Aryan Guard gatherings, marches, and protest.

Mitch Fancey

a.k.a: 14Konig88

You know the stories about ufo abductions and the description of the aliens? Tell us that Mitch doesn’t resemble a Gray. Put him in dark sunglasses, drop him off in Roswell, and he’d create a sensation not experienced in the town since 1947.

Fancey has participated in most known Aryan Guard gatherings, marches, and protest.

Tyler Lupkoski

a.k.a: ARYAN BROTHER FOREVER; iseektruth; A.G.88

Originally from Kelowna, BC, then Edmonton, AB and now in Calgary. Big and dumb. Another paragon of the traditional family values supported in writing by the Aryan Guard, Lupkoski cheated on his girlfriend leading to her dumping his ass. Good for her! Oh, she went back to him? Well, maybe she isn’t so bright either.

Lupkoski has participated in most known Aryan Guard gatherings, marches, and protest.


Next we provide information on those who support and are associated with the ideas of the Aryan Guard. These may be friends or Aryan Guard hopefuls. Many of these individuals have appeared at Aryan Guard organized marches:

James Brooks

a.k.a: aryanpride1488

Has been seen hanging out with Goldring and Reitmeier.

Rick Rushton



Brytny Strohwald

Dating Reitmeier. Attended the March 21, 2008 march in Calgary.

Tyler Sturrup

Not someone you want to stand beside during a lightning storm. Attended the March 21, 2008 march in Calgary. Spent time in jail in April and May, 2008 and was back in jail as of August 2008.

Caila Ann Skiboff

McKee’s co-star in the sex pictures and reported video. Funny how quiet she’s been lately. Attended the October 14, 2007 protest in Calgary.

Jessica Beaumont

a.k.a: Jessy Destruction; jdestruction

We’ll have to write up an entry on her and her fiance Ciaran Donnelly.

Beaumont was a member of the Alberta chapter of the short lived neo-Nazi organization Western Canada For Us which was headed by Glenn Bahr and a poster on the website’s message board. Though the organization and its website were shut down not long after it began, Beaumont continued her active involvement in the neo-Nazi movement. She also began a relationship with another former WCFU member and Stormfront poster Ciaran Paul Donnelly, a close friend of Bahr who posts as DER_TOTENKOPF on Stormfront and the Combat 18 message boards. Beaumont eventually moved from Calgary, Alberta to Coquitlam, British Columbia to live with Donnelly. Beaumont, now engaged to Donnelly, returned to Calgary not long after the home she shared with Donnelly and his mother was raided by the RCMP.

Beaumont’s posts on Stormfront brought her to the attention of human rights lawyer Richard Warman who filed a human rights complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission. In November 2005 the Commission referred the complaint against Beaumont to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal for hearing. As a result of the hearing Beaumont was ordered to pay several thousands of dollars and was issued a permanent cease and desist order to prevent her from posting hate material online.

Ciaran Donnelly

Donnelly is a well-known figure in the Canadian neo-Nazi movement. Donnelly is a prolific poster on several racist message boards, including Stormfront and Combat 18 where he posts under the usernames “Der Totenkopf.” Though residing in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Donnelly was a member of the Alberta-based and short lived neo-Nazi organization Western Canada For Us (WCFU) which was headed by his friend Glenn Bahr. Donnelly was one of a number of WCFU members who protested outside the constituency offices of Deputy Prime Minister Anne McLellan in support of holocaust denier Ernst Zundel. Although WCFU and its website were shut down not long after it began, Donnelly has continued his active involvement in the neo-Nazi movement. He also began a relationship with another former WCFU member and Stormfront poster Jessica Beaumont of Calgary, Alberta. Beaumont eventually moved from Calgary to Coquitlam to live with Donnelly.

Donnelly’s posts on Stormfront brought him to the attention of human rights lawyer Richard Warman who filed a human rights complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission. In November 2005, the Commission referred a complaint about Donnelly’s Stormfront posts, as well as a complaint against Beaumont, to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal for hearing. The Tribunal is now in the process of scheduling the hearings for Donnelly, though the complaint dealing with Beaumont has been heard and she was ordered to pay restitution and to cease posting hate material online permanently.

Jackie Nicole (Marshall?)

McKee’s girlfriend and mother of his child (she became pregnant at 16). We’re really curious to know what she thinks of McKee and Skiboff’s little tryst.

Samantha Marshall

Jackie’s sister. Doesn’t like being called a Nazi despite the fact that she hangs around with Nazis and participated in the Aryan Guard’s March 21 hate fest. Well boo freaking who.

Attended the March 21, 2008 march in Calgary and December Christmas party.

Claire Mongeau

Attended the March 21, 2008 march in Calgary.

Eric Trembly

Get a haircut! A friend of Nordfylki and Bourgeois.

Attended the October 14, 2007 protest and the March 21, 2008 march in Calgary.

Eric Trembly

Get a haircut! A friend of Nordfylki and Bourgeois.

Attended the October 14, 2007 protest and the March 21, 2008 march in Calgary.

Brea Bourgeois

Friend of Nordfylki and Trembly.

Attended the October 14, 2007 protest in Calgary. Should have kept the mask on if you didn’t want anyone to know who you were.


Breanne Walden (Danica O’Naughten)

Attended the March 21, 2008 march in Calgary.

Amber Gillion

Seems to be an Aryan Guard groupie. Hangs with Goldring and Reitmeier. Was at the October 14 protest outside Calgary City Hall.

Sinead Coffey

Friends with Gillion and also with Goldring and Reitmeier.

Scott King

Attended the March 21, 2008 march in Calgary. Scott seems to have sticky fingers and is alleged to have stolen from at least two girlfriends.

Colin MacKinnon

Attended March 21, 2008 rally. Uhhh….Damn. We keep thinking of Geico Caveman commercials when we see him, but we’ll leave the commentary on this one up to the reader.

Amber McIntosh

Attended March 21, 2008 rally along with LaSha and seems to be particularly close to LaSha, Goldring, Reitmeier, and Sturrup. Her dreams of being a Suicide Girl were thwarted. Oh, to dream the impossible dream.


The next set are those who have marched with and are associated with the Aryan Guard but who are not yet identified

Unknown 1

This guy was present at the Aryan Guard meet with Terry Tremaine. He’s pictured with Kyle McKee, Tyler Lupkoski, Thomas Trenerry, Bill Noble, Terry Tremaine, and Dallas Price.

Unknown 2 - Attended March 21, 2008 rally.

Unknown 3: Willis

This Conan wannabe who goes by the name of Willis hangs out at a skate park near his Calgary apartment and tries to recruit youths to the Aryan Guard cause. Funny thing is that some of the ones he calls his “minions” aren’t even White. He and Calgary ARA members had a bit of a run-in on July 15, 2008. He took a swing at an ARA member. Willis then ended up taking a nap.

Attended March 21, 2008 rally.

Unknown 4

Attended March 21, 2008 rally.

Unknown 5

Attended March 21, 2008 rally.

Unknown 6: Joshua

Attended March 21, 2008 rally.

Unknown 7

Attended March 21, 2008 rally.

Unknown 8: Scott

Has been photographed with Kyle McKee and John Marleau and was present at the December 2007 Christmas party.


Unknown 9: Jan

a.k.a. boy white

Was actually one of the co-founders of the Aryan Guard early on, he’s originally from B.C. He spent some time in jail in Calgary and as he’s been absent from Stormfront for a while now, he might currently be behind bars.

Unknown 10

a.k.a. 14skin88

Attended March 21, 2008 rally.

Unknown 11

a.k.a. LifeLock88

Attended March 21, 2008 rally. Last name might be Collins.

Unknown 12

Attended March 21, 2008 rally.

Unknown 13

Attended March 21, 2008 rally

Unknown 14

Attended March 21, 2008 rally.

Unknown 15

This guy has attended quite a few Aryan Guard functions, including the meet with Terry Tremaine in August 2007, the flyering in Lethbridge on September 16 of 2007, and the March 21, 2008 rally in Calgary.

Unknown 16: Konrad Von

Attended March 21, 2008 rally.

Unknown 17

This Klan member would likely have traveled from Saskatchewan, perhaps Regina, with his leader Chris Waters. Attended March 21, 2008 rally.


Finally, we have people who have allied themselves with the Aryan Guard. Most of these people are affiliated with groups outside Alberta.

Chris Waters

a.k.a: BOKcanada

Christian Waters is originally from Ontario though he now calls Regina home. He leads a branch of the American-based Brotherhood of Klans and claims that there are some 200 plus members in the province of Saskatchewan. Last we heard he was working at a bar in Regina called TC’s North.

Attended the March 21, 2008 march in Calgary. He was the obese dude with the BOK mask. In photos at McKee’s home he’s wearing full Klan regalia (and we mean full, as it appears Waters has never met a Twinkie that he didn't like).



Terry Tremaine

a.k.a: mathdoktor99








Paul Fromm

For a detailed biography check out his Rogue Gallery entry. He has spoken to members of the Aryan Guard on at least two occasions as of the writing of this entry. On his December meeting with the Aryan Guard:

25/12/07: I really enjoyed meeting so many of you in Calgary.

Your dedication and enthusiasm gave me a real charge after all the dreary battles with Warman and the prune-faced politically correct.

Regarding the October 14, 2007 protest by the Aryan Guard:

There’s a new group of young folks in Calgary who call themselves ‘The Aryan Guard.’ The name may be a little in-your-face and dramatic, but these folks have acted responsibly staging a peaceful protest against “anti-racists,” leafleting about uncontrolled immigration, and, most recently, protesting against Moslem women being allowed to vote disguised in burkas.

Guest of honor and speaker on at least three occasions, the most recent being August 2, 2008 when he, Terry Tremaine and Bill Noble spoke to a “free speech conference” organized by the Aryan Guard. He recently lost his teaching license , though he had been fired back in 1997.


http://www.nizkor.org/hweb/people/f/fromm-paul/paul-fromm.html http://cnews.canoe.ca/CNEWS/Features/2007/09/21/4519835-sun.html http://www.nowtoronto.com/issues/2000-12-14/newsspread.html http://www.mississauganews.com/article/8384

Adam Karaba

Visited from Scarborough, Ontario with Sheridan and member of the East End Bootboys.

Attended the August 25, 2007 protest in Calgary (Kensington) and the September 16, 2007 flyering in Lethbridge.

Eric Sheridan

Visited from Scarborough, Ontario with Karaba and member of the East End Bootboys. Learned there was a warrant out for his arrest when he returned home and is currently facing some pretty serious legal troubles.

Attended the August 25, 2007 protest in Calgary (Kensington) and the September 16, 2007 flyering in Lethbridge.

Dara Prestidge (now going by her maiden name Graham)

Dara Graham is a Winnipeg-based bonehead who posts on various hate sites’ forums as AryanPrincess1488. She was one of the boneheads who marched with the Aryan Guard in Calgary on March 21, 2008. Days after her return to Winnipeg, Child and Family Services took her 7-year-old girl and toddler son from the apartment and placed them in protective custody. Seems her brilliant unemployed husband decided to send his step-daughter off to school after having drawn swastikas and other Nazi symbols on her. Dara kicked him out of the apartment in order to try and get her kids back and said that she tried to remove the marks but could not. Then she changed her story and said her daughter drew the symbols. Then she changed the story again slightly and said that the teacher had removed the symbols that the daughter had drawn, so she redrew them on the daughter again.

As a result As a result Paul Fromm has taken up Dara’s plight as they condemn Child and Family Services for kidnapping and the teacher who had concerns as an interferring prude. Even August Kries has offered his services in support of the parents, such as they are. Of course, not mentioned by these stalwarts of freedom, is that there were also issues of drug and alcohol abuse allegations, as well as the fact that the 7-year old missed several weeks of school because her parents would sleep in and didn’t want to take her to school. Yes, these certainly are Parents of the Year candidates if ever we heard them.

Pravda Vitezi

From Toronto, he attended the August counter-protest on August 25, 2007.


a.k.a: pitbull-A.G.

The founder of the Aryan Guard, McKee originally came to Calgary from Kitchener, Ontario where he had his ass handed to him consistently by anti-racists. He lived with Nathan Touchette and made the news when they flew a Nazi flag from their apartment, much to the outrage of everyone in the neighbourhood (that they were loud and obnoxious didn’t help either). McKee and Touchette made it known that they planned on moving to Calgary. Calgary’s mayor made it known they weren’t welcome. They moved anyways, though both eventually returned to Ontario (but not before McKee spent some time in jail for assault, possession of a weapon, and of wearing a mask). McKee eventually moved back to Calgary where he organized a group of mall rats into a group called the Aryan Guard. All this is boring though when one reads the sex scandal that McKee was involved in. Seems this paragon of Aryan virtue cheated on his then 16 year-old pregnant girlfriend (he was 22) after a fight with a woman married to another bonehead… and took pictures! This from the same group that claims to support family values. Funny, eh?

McKee has participated in all known Aryan Guard gatherings, marches, and protest. He won’t be doing that anytime soon, however. He is currently in jail awaiting trial.






Dallas Kenneth Price

a.k.a: wpcalgary

Price first came to our attention when he and other boneheads tried to intimidate and start a fight with the folks with Food not Bombs on September 6, 2006. Seven days later Price and McKee were involved in a confrontation where they were both charged with assault using weapons. This wasn’t the first time Price (and McKee) have been charged criminally and won’t be the last. Price was among the first members of the Aryan Guard and has been at pretty much every march, rally, or social get together. Hell, for all we know he may have taken the pictures of McKee knocking boots with frau Caila.

Price has participated in all known Aryan Guard gatherings, marches, and protest.





Thomas Trenerry

a.k.a: Canadian caucasian; AntiCommunistWarrior, Lethbridge Aryan, IHateCommies

Trenerry started on Stormfront bitching about how his daughter had been “stolen” from him Yukon child services. We’re sure it couldn’t have anything to do with his criminal record and the casual death threats he makes for allies and enemies alike. Fact is that he was so over the top that he was banned from Stormfront for making death threats against a moderator and several users. As one commenter said on his YouTube account where he posts as “AntiCommunistWarrior” he’s a little man with a serious case of little man syndrome. What we find funny is that this married man who belongs to a group that claims to support traditional family values appears to be trying to get in the pants of other YouTube users:

06/04/08: Become a WHITE woman and show us your tits LMFAO

Then again, at least he’s not taking pictures like McKee did.

Also, for a person in a group that belongs to a group that claims to oppose violence, the boy sure has a quick trigger:

05/04/08: You faggots are nothing without police protection.

UHM notice how they were focusing on keeping us away from you? Because they knew we could have easily stomped you idiots?

And finally, for a person who bitches about non-White crime, Tom explains how much he regrets his own criminal activities. Oh, wait, no he doesn’t:

14/01/08: Escaping? LOL

They let me outside and I was a faster runner and better athlete. Is that my fault?

Hell they couldnt even follow a trail of blood?

Just a reminder kids- Razor wire IS sharp

And fat prison guards are slow LOL

The Yukon is a joke.

Trenerry has participated in Aryan Guard gatherings (August 4 – 6, 2007 with Terry Tremaine and December 16 with Paul Fromm), protests (September 16, 2007 in Lethbridge), and marches (March 21, 2008)



UPDATE (September 2008): Trenerry, who is now claiming to the the Grand Dragon of the Alberta Ku Klux Klan, has stated publicly that he is no longer a member of the Aryan Guard. he reason for his departure is not known for certain, but what is known is that he and John Marleau are currently engaged in a very public feud. Trenerry has accused Marleau of theft, while Marleau has accused Trenerry of having a non-White child (a charge not contradicted by Trenerry).


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Racial Tensions Flare at Rally

Aryan Guard hands out pamphlets in Alberta

Aryan Guard dogged by Calgary counter-protestors

Dust in my broom - Anti-racists clash with Aryan Guard

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