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Bill West

Bill West
Bill West
Home Base26 Kenwood Ave., Saugus, MA
Published ByOne People's Project
Published OnSunday, 14 March 2004

On Sept. 14, 2002, World Church of the Creator's Matt Hale held one of his "public meetings" at the local library in Wakefield, MA, and the result was a number of Creators getting whupped by people who opposed their garbage. The guy who booked the library for Hale and drove him there was a guy by the name of Bill West. West is one of those folks who came into view during the Catherine Daniels affair. He was none too happy about us exposing him on the site, but after a few months, started hitting us up asking for a Rogues' Gallery entry. We asked him for a bio and he gave us this:

Well I got politically active in 1993. I was passed over on a civil service job. I scored a 98% and they hired a black who scored 82%. This is all because of minority quotas. I then went into the USMC.I was meritoriously promoted through the rank of Corporal. After leaving the Marines I was a Correction Officer and left that after a year. I have since been driving trucks (class a) locally.

I have been associated with the (National Alliance) members here in Mass., of course your good friend Rob Freeman. I am a proud member of the WCOTC. It was with Freeman that we actually first saw West, although we didn't know it at the time, when they went to the Human Relations Commission meetings causing trouble early in 2002. We expected to see more of West and the crew as we went along, but as the WCOTC fell apart after Matt Hale's incarceration for conspiring to kill the federal judge that presided over his trademark infringment suit, not much that boneheads up in the Boston area mattered much. West later ran the Boston chapter of Volksfront, but he doesn't anymore. On July 25, 2004, the eve of the Democratic Convention in Boston, an anti-abortion, anti-gay activist named Leonard Gendron got in the way few people and their fists. News reports said a white supremacist jumped into the gray to save Gendron, but wouldn't give his name. He gave it to us. It was Bill West. "I wonder how the guy is that caught the right hook and the other who swallowed the nice Haymaker from the left?" He asked in an email. "Ah, thats Ok the (sic) Guy who hauled me out ripped my shirt collar what a shame I was just getting warmed up! To bad they would of (sic) charged me with a crime for Defending a mans (sic) right to Protest!" We are not too sure of that. He must have been punch drunk judging by the way he wrote his email.

We wonder however, if this guy have trash to talk after his latest escapade. In 2007 he, Freeman and a guy named Kevin Lynch were arrested for torturing a rabbit to death and putting it on YouTube. Everything is still pending as of this writing.

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