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Bill Whatcott

Bill Whatcott
Virginia Abernethy
Home BaseRegina, Sask, Canada
Published ByOne Peoples Project
Published OnSunday, 14 March 2004

Any anti-choicer that is connected to the murder-loving, Christian fascists in the Army of God cannot be ignored, and since we have such a connection with them from our little jaunts with Columbus **** Chuck Spingola and his imps, we didn't want to let one of his associates slide by without saying something here. That associate would be Canadian anti-choicer Bill Whatcott. He has been making quite a bit of noise and apparently has been getting on the nerves of pretty much everyone north of the border. Apparently he tried to get on our nerves here too, because in August he tried to attend an anti-choice conference in Wisconsin. Unfortunately, he encountered a few hiccups. When he crossed the border via North Dakota, he was turned away. When he tried the next day to cross on foot, he was popped while hailing a cab. He got a month in a Burleigh County Jail for that stunt.

Of course it is not surprising why he was told to keep his worthless behind home in the first place. Originally from Toronto, Ontario, Whatcott currently makes his home in Regina, Saskatchewan. As Executive Director of a little group called Christian Truth Activists, he likes to make a spectacle of himself by blocking access to family planning centers and demonstrating against gay pride parades. In June of 2002 he actually marched in front of this year's parade in Regina complete with a huge sign reading, "Bare Bottomed Pitifuls are Celebrating Buggery in Regina. God Help Us!"

Damn. And we missed it. But we digress.

Whatcott's stunts have also gone in the area of deception. The mayor of Regina was forced into proclaiming "Family Pride Day" because Whatcott threatened to sue after he proclaimed Gay and Lesbian Pride Day. When the day came, somehow it became "Heterosexual Family Pride Day!" Whatcott took the opportunity to stand on the steps of City Hall to attack gays and lesbians with a vitriolic speech. That proclamation did not happen a second year. Whatcott's request for a proclamation was denied by the mayor saying the group is promoting a message of hate. The original logic from Whatcott, of course, was that it was only fair to have a heterosexual pride day since gays and lesbians have Gay Pride Day. We wonder if he is so interested in balancing things out if he would he also consent to a making his marriage illegal, being barred from military service and other areas of employment, and beaten and murdered by a bunch of hatemongering thugs. After all, it's only fair.

Of course as mentioned, his antics make him a star among the Christian hatemonger circuit. He has written articles on Neal Horsley's site (the story of him marching in the gay pride parade is there), as well as the Army of God website. His mailing list features such notable scum as Spingola, Jonathan O'Toole, and Paul DeParrie. Also as mentioned, Whatcott's exploits, much like Spingola's in Ohio, finds him at odds with the law quite a bit. He has been arrested a number of times in Ontario and Saskatchewan, and was fined for leaving his flyers under windshield wipers in the University of Regina parking lot without getting permission from the Student Union. There he was told that he could pass out the flyers personally, but he said he wouldn't have been able to reach enough people. He had his $90 fine overturned however when the court ruled that the distributing of the flyers is an expression of free speech. There is also a civil suit in his dossier, as Planned Parenthood in Saskatchewan has taken him to court for blocking their clinics. Meanwhile, his job as a nurse may be in jeopardy. The Saskatchewan Association of Licensed Practical Nurses board of inquiry ruled that his antics constitutes professional misconduct. The association was seeking to remove Bill's nursing license on October 6, 2002. It is unknown what the end result of that inquiry is, but we will update this as soon as we find out.

Whatcott is no doubt going to find himself in trouble again. It is sad too, because if there is a God, he is going to be among the throngs of so-called Christians whom God will ask, "Uh, did you ever read that part about being humble before me? What about that part about how I gave my only begotten son to die for mankind's sins, so you are not sanctioned to kill anyone yourself for them."

And then he will tell them to dress light. It will be pretty toasty where they are going.