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Brandon Cahall

Brandon Lang Cahall
Brando mugshot.jpg
EmployerGeneral Contracting Corporation of America, Inc.
Home BasePittsburgh, PA
AddressGerwig St., 15209 (Millvale)
Published ByOPP Pittsburgh

Introducing Brandon Cahall of Pittsburgh, PA. Brandon has been busy distributing hate fliers and stickers around the city since September 2023. He is active in both the Goyim Defense League (GDL) and a lead organizer in the Pennsylvania chapter of White Lives Matter (WLM_PA). His escalating actions have evolved into organizing WLM demonstrations and networking with other white nationalists like Patriot Front (PF) members.

Brandon attended Penn State - Beaver as an older student majoring in environmental science. A general partner at Keystone Construction & Restoration LLC, Brandon also owns a General Contracting Corporation of America, Inc.and several rental properties. He is the subject of a Pittsburgh code enforcement investigation with multiple open magisterial cases against him. He has been cited for unsecured vacant properties, accumulation of garbage and debris as well as unauthorized occupancy. While he spews racist garbage online he, somehow, cannot clean up the properties he owns.

Brandon first hit our radar when he made a video of himself placing WLM stickers on the Pittsburgh Convention Center in September 2023. At the time the Eradicating Hate Global Summit  was being held at the center. In what becomes a signature feature in his videos Brandon films from his point of view while riding his e-bike, shooting his hands placing his hate stickers on the convention center and the bike path nearby.

Video still of Brandon's riding through a section near the Pittsburgh Convention Center, Sept. 27-29, 2023, and the anti-semitic art he painted the town with.

He then uploaded this video to the Telegram channel associated with  WLM_PA.

Brandon and his infamous e-bike infiltrating a Palestine solidarity rally on PITT campus, October 14, 2023.

Emboldened by this “action” he became active online with the GDL. This group is a particularly vile organization run by Jon Minadeo of Florida. He is just another in a long line of grifting life failures who seek to capitalize on reactionary responses to societal ills by blaming the problems facing the world on anyone not white. One of his tactics is to make money off of a vlog in which he harasses people, including children, who enter his chat room. Oftentimes this degenerates into shouting racial slurs or goading people into saying racist slogans or making racist hand gestures.

On October 14th 2023 Brandon Cahall attended a Pro-Palestine demonstration held in Schenley Square, a park surrounded by the University of Pittsburgh's campus. At this demonstration he handed out flyers disguised as Pro-Palestine leaflets but contained links and a QR code that led to a GDL Telegram channel. This kind of activity is an attempt at infiltrating a movement to recruit from as well as divide and discredit that movement. Much like GDL's other anti semitic fliers, they contained some factually true information. But make no mistake about it- these racists do not care about Palestinians, they advocate for ethnic cleansing and genocide around the world against all non "whites".

Once again, Brandon filmed himself and created a video. Just like the last video this one features his e-bike and his hands passing out the fliers. Though it begins by him showing off his “work space” where he is printing and folding fliers. The video then shows him handing out fliers and chatting with demonstrators. He posted this video to a Telegram channel associated with the GDL. Notable to this video is the  featuring of an anti semitic track produced by a white nationalist “rapper”. Once again displaying an attempt to co-opt and twist a style of music. For someone claiming to be of the master race he appears to be severely lacking in culture.

Over the next few months Brandon routinely posted on various racist Telegram channels and social media platforms. He uploaded pictures of fliers he produced and claimed to be distributing hundreds at a time-you guessed it- from his e-bike. He also posted pictures of flags and banners he had purchased with entryist slogans and one “official” White Lives Matter banner.

Nazis standing on corner of Second Ave. with their White Lives Matter sign, May 18, 2024. Be aware of racists holding signs like "no more wars for Israel", they are very confusing to the common pedestrian by design!

On May 18th 2024, Brandon helped to organize and to carry out an in-person WLM_PA demonstration in Pittsburgh. This tiny demonstration of 5 people was used to create propaganda videos that he could post across various platforms. The demonstration featured a banner that Brandon had previously posted online. Again they engaged in entryist methods to hide the true nature of their beliefs. The demonstration was short and “flash mob” style. It took place on Second Avenue in Pittsburgh, and also used the bike path near the Hot Metal bridge. He utilized a drone to shoot some of the footage he later used in another propaganda video.

White Lives Matter and Patriot Front stickers before they were torn down by Keystone ARA.

Two weeks later WLM_PA posted another video of WLM members stickering with members of PF. They hung both group’s stickers on a footbridge near Pittsburgh's Point State Park. This was coordinated as an attempt to show that these groups are working together.

Juilan Wood stickers plastered at Riverview Park by WLM_PA and other white supremacist groups.

Approximately one week after this video, another video was posted on the WLM_PA channel showing Pittsburgh's Riverview Park being stickered with WLM stickers. This time it featured a flier and stickers made to exploit the horrific murder of 3 year old Julian Wood in North Olmsted, OH. This murder was perpetrated by a deranged and mentally unwell woman. Neo-nazis from across the area have been seeking to exploit this tragedy for personal gain. They seek clout from other fascists as well as donations and collaboration with other groups. Fascist groups do not care about people; they only seek to grow their movement no matter how despicable the tactic.

White Lives Matter groups coming together in North Olmsted, Ohio, June 15, 2024.

On June 15, 2024 WLM held another day of action but this time in North Olmsted to exploit the Juilan Wood murder location. Brandon has claimed to have traveled there to participate in a small fascist gathering. Once again we see the entryist tactic of exploiting tragedy to legitimize their weak and shallow beliefs. At this rally the fascists distributed fliers, gave speeches, interacted with both citizens and law enforcement.

Brandon posts across various platforms including Telegram, Odyssey, Gab and X (formerly Twitter). On his X page he posted a video of himself packaging anti semitic fliers then distributing the fliers on the back of his faithful e-bike.

Some of Brandon's online personas.
Video still of Brando preparing GDL fliers for distribution, 2023.

Your time in the shadows is over Brandon.

Brandon’s business ventures have included multiple construction companies over the past 16 years and failed rental properties where he is a typical slumlord.

According to county real estate records, Brandon Cahall owns multiple buildings in the Pittsburgh area that he rents out including two units on Perrysville Ave., 15214 (Perry North), one on Federal St. Ext., 15214 (Perry South), and one on Woods Run, 15212 (Brighton Heights).

He also owns two empty/vacant looking properties located at: 1401 Woods Run, 15212 (Brighton Heights), and 116 Hawkins Ave., 15214 (Perry South).

He Co-owns another property on Gerwig St., 15209 (Millvale), with an 81 year old relative where he appears to reside.

Brandon receives mail for all of these properties at PO Box 99933, 15233.

All Pittsburgh residents and his current tenants should be aware of his fascist activities. We encourage any one who has received GDL or other white supremacist fliers to contact us.