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Charlton Heston (DECEASED)

John Charles Carter
Charlton Heston
BornOctober 4, 1923
Wilmette, IL, U.S.
DiedApril 5, 2008
Beverly Hills, CA, U.S.
Alma materNorthwestern University
OccupationActor, activist
Political partyDemocratic (before 1972)
Republican (after 1972)
Home BaseBeverly Hills, CA
Published ByOPP HQ
Published On13 March 2004

The right to keep and bear arms should not be infringed upon, but that has never been the concern about the National Rifle Association (NRA). Just like the immigration issue, the NRA is more of a front for fascists to gain access into the mainstream than it is an advocate for gun rights. Heston reflected this in a speech to Paul Weyrich's Free Congress Foundation where he lamented about a "culture war" going on in this country. Whenever one hears this, expect the worst.

   "Mainstream America is counting on you to 'draw your sword' and fight for them," He said. "These people have precious little time and resources to battle misguided Cinderella attitudes, the fringe propaganda of the homosexual coalition, the feminists who preach that it is a divine duty for woman to hate men, blacks who raise a militant fist with one hand while they seek preference with the other, New Age apologists for juvenile crime who see roving gangs as a means to only the merchandising violence as a form of entertainment for impressionable minds, and gun bans as a means to only the Lord-knows-what. We have reached that point in time when our social policy originates on Oprah. Its time to pull the plug!"

Wouldn't you know this crap help David Duke to find a kindred spirit?

  "I was astounded to read these courageous remarks by Charlton Heston," Duke said. "I am thankful to hear a man with such high esteem say essentially the same things for which I have been reviled by the liberal media. His words should be reproduced and put into the hands of every American." 

On that we agree, because it would serve to bring jerks like him down in the long run.

Something else came up recently about Mr. Heston. Back in 1992, the band Body Count fronted by Ice-T had saw a little controversy when they released the song "Cop Killer." The right at the time went after Time Warner, who owned Body Count's label Sire (right wingers almost never go after black people directly but will go after something mainstream that will not fight them as much).

Heston owned stock in Time Warner and pitched a fit at a stockholders meeting, reading the lyrics of the song and getting a little press for the stunt. Eventually the song was pulled by Body Count from the album, and soon Ice-T dissolved his contract with Sire.

    " I shamed Time Warner, the largest entertainment conglomerate in the world, into firing Ice T and dropping the album," He once told Tony Snow. "Now, he threatened to kill me. He hasn't done that yet." 

That's a serious charge, and one that Heston never was able to substantiate. It comes across as yet another stunt from a man whose politics are on shaky ground to begin with (how do you go after one person for singing a song about killing his enemy when you make a speech doing the same thing?) It also speaks loads of somone who is looking for work! When he said that his stunt costs him work with Time Warner, comedian Bobcat Goldthwait called him on it.

   "It ain't because of your politics," he said. "It's because you are a has-been hack of an actor!"

Charlton Heston died on the morning of April 5, 2008 of, according to his family, severe pnuemonia.