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David Horowitz

David Horowitz
David Horowitz
Home BaseLos Angeles, CA
Published ByOPP HQ
Published On13 March 2004

David Horowitz, who co-founded the Center for the Study of Popular Culture with Peter Collier is an old hardcore leftist who is now an old hardcore rightist. He spreads propaganda and lies about everything and everybody that questions conservatism. His most favorite targets are African-Americans, Bill Clinton, homosexuals, women, and people who like them. The premise is simple: All these groups attacked and destroyed the institutions and traditions of America in the sixties with a socialist agenda, and their response is to "debunk the lies".

It is a shame that Horowitz thinks that opressed people asserting themselves is destroying the country, but as a Jewish man he better be glad that oppressed people are, because he would be among the first to go if they didn't.

Among Horowitz's writings were pamphlets titled 'The Feminist Assault on the Military' and 'Multicultural Mafia.' The conclusions and theories he comes up with are without facts behind them and are incredibly racist. Horowitz recently pulled a publicity stunt with his advertisement on reparations entitled 10 Reasons Why Reparations are Wrong--And Racist Too.

This was an essay that tried to invalidate the reparations argument by suggesting that African Americans were responsible for slavery while whites saved them, and that reparations were paid with welfare benefits. This racist claptrap was hawked to college newspapers across the country, and a number of them refused. Horowitz would then accuse that newspaper of violating his free speech. It does not matter that Horowitz is wrong, however, because this stunt gave him a little face time on CSPAN, Fox News Channel and other outlets. Horowitz, knows he is wrong because just like the newspapers that rejected him, he also rejected material he did not agree with for his own publications, such as an article on how Jews killed Christ.

And what of the freedoms of others? He is against same-sex marraiges, for example, saying that

   "Homosexual relationships are not 'equivalent' to heterosexual ones, any more than men are equivalent to women." 

To make this assertion even more twisted, he compares this to the Jewish experience in this country.

   "Try as some of them might," he says, "Jews will never be regarded as entirely 'normal' in a predominantly Christian society. That doesn't seem to have stopped their progress. Being different, even 'abnormal,' within the culture of the majority--be it Christian, heterosexual or European extraction--is not such a terrible thing, In fact, it's the American way."

If you are baffled by this line of bullshit, you are not alone. Horowitz is good for this. Here he reminds people that all of us are different and that it is "the American way". He then uses this to justify discrimination against those that are different. It is that which makes the difference, and he could care less.

Horowitz says that his efforts are to bring us closer together as a people, that that is questioned when one looks a little closer at his associations. White supremacists use his writings as a reference point. Groups such as the John Birch Society and the Council of Conservative Citizens have reviewed and praised his writings and other work. In turn Horowitz has featured on his website articles by Jim Lubinskas from the racist publication American Renassaince and used statistics to bolster his arguments by white supremacist Jared Taylor, who is the editor of American Renassaince. He even features their tracts for download on his site!

Lucky for him the aforementioned groups are racist organizations that embrace Jewish people, and everything he does falls well into line with this new version of white supremacy. Unlucky for him, this gives him little credibility, which he is sorely lacking to begin with.