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Erich Gliebe

Erich J. Gliebe
Erich J. Gliebe
BornMay 23, 1963
Cleveland, Ohio, U.S
Home BaseNorth Royalton, OH
Address7463 Akins Rd. North Royalton, OH 44133
AKAThe Aryan Barbarian
GroupaffiliationsNational Alliance
Published ByOPP HQ
Published On13 March 2004

On July 23, 2002, the founder, and only leader of National Alliance, William Pierce went to his eternal dirt nap, leaving his organization wondering who the next leader would be. There were a few names that were floated, most notably then-NA Deputy Membership Coordinator Billy Roper who had become a very visible member in 2001. The hate group chose to go with someone who is just as skilled an organizer but only semi-visible. On July 29, a year after Roper hit his head on a crowbar in a rally, the announcement came down that Erich Gliebe (pronounced GLEE-BE) will be the new head of the National Alliance.

Gliebe's vocation is in boxing. He says when he was 13 years old he saw the first Rocky movie and (furthering to uncharted heights that movie's stigma of having a racist message) was inspired to become a boxer himself. He fought 20 amateur bouts and only eight professional before hanging up the gloves.

Gliebe's notoriety however, comes out of organizing white power rock shows. One of them was in December of 1995 in Cleveland, which saw neo-Nazis number into the hundreds-and sparked the first incarnation of Cleveland Anti-Racist Action. He was still just as much a promoter and organizer afterwards as well, whether it was him putting together a "Eurofest" in Parma, a suburb of Cleveland, or distributing National Alliance flyers in Columbus, OH suburbs Dublin (were Wendy's is headquartered) and Grove City (hometown of Kyle Rogers and at the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City.

In July of 2000 it was discovered that Pierce bought black metal record label Cymophane. It was Gliebe who as the head of Cymophane secured a distro deal with Dutch East India Trading Company who immediately severed all ties once a group fighting hate music called the Turn it Down Campaign informed them of the white power connection. It was also Gliebe who in June of 2000 brought German death metal musician and convicted murderer Hendrik M? to National Alliance HQ in Hillsboro, WV. Gliebe by this time was running Resistance Records for Pierce, and was also the editor of Resistance Magazine.

In that rag's Spring 2000 issue, there is an article titled "Is Black Metal a White Noise", which talks of M? and particularly how he was "on the run, wanted by German authorities with an international arrest order." M? stayed there until August 27 of that year, the day US Marshals snagged him while in town for violating parole in Germany. Instead of being popped for harboring a fugitive, Gliebe remains free while his friend does another 5+ years in a German prison.

In recent days, Gliebe has been rather quiet while he ran Resistance, although he made a brief appearance identified as "Erich G." on a VH1 news special on hate rock that looked more like a Resistance Records infomercial. As the new head of National Alliance he will probably see a little more face time. Meanwhile, Billy Roper, although he in his words, "gave up my career and my life and moved across the country to dedicate my existence to Dr. Pierce", went to war with Gliebe and that resulted in his termination from National Alliance, which then prompted him to start a rival group called White Revolution. Over the past year, Gliebe has been getting more votes of no confidence among his own people, so we are just sitting back and watching him implode before our eyes.