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Frank Borzellieri

Frank Borzellieri
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Frank Borzellieri
Home BaseRingwood, Queens, NY
Published ByOPP HQ
Published On12 March 2004

When this guy won back his seat on the Queens school board (District 24) a few years back, he noted that if victory is possible in the very belly of the multi-cultural beast, it was possible anywhere. Well, it wasn't all that impossible to begin with. This is the same school board that over a decade ago helped to oust NYC Schools Chancellor Joseph Fernandez over the Rainbow Curriculum because it called for tolerance and respect for homosexuals. This particular board has been known for it's right-wing/racist leanings, so it is not at all surprising Borzellieri is among them.

Frank Borzellieri is a big time pariah in the school board he has served on since 1994. In addition to a few books, he has written two articles for Jared Taylor's American Renaissance newsletter, "My Battle Against Multiculturalism" and "The Bernard Goetz Affair: More Proof of why Multi-Racialism Does Not Work." Borzellieri has waged campaigns for English only and to ban school library books that "promote multiculturalism" or have "anti-American titles." One of those books was on Martin Luther King, Jr. Frank was pissed that he was being portrayed as a hero.

Jared Taylor has campaigned for him, sending out a fundraising letters on behalf of this "open racialist."

    "He is a perfect candidate: an honest, hard-working American who isn't afraid to say that whites had better wake up before they lose their country." 

Enclosed with Taylor's letter, a note from Borzellieri stated,

  "If we are to reclaim our country and put an end to the racial madness that dominates every aspect of our political and educational systems, then we must have people who are willing to take a stand publicly."