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Hardy Lloyd

Hardy Carroll Lloyd
HL photo-2017-276x300.jpg
Hardy Carroll Lloyd on August 14, 2017. A hard 39 years old.
EmployerUnemployed, may have had a couple of short-term jobs in the past working at restaurants.
Home BaseAustin, TX/ Pittsburgh, PA
Published ByOPP Pittsburgh and OPP Austin
Published OnDecember 19.2021

2001- 2006- The Birth of a Nazi and a Cowardly, Misogynistic, Murderer

Times have changed ,and before we have the chance to, local newspapers are doxxing white supremacists who are a known danger to our communities. That doesn’t mean we can’t revisit some old gems of the past, especially those who are active once again.

We stumbled across Hardy Carroll Lloyd on a hunch.

A picture quickly circulated, and the story was told , of a man who appeared on August 14, 2017 , in a crowd of protesters in front of U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy’s (R-Upper St. Clair) office in Mount Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

A woman was reading Murphy’s statement condemning President Trump’s claim that “many sides” were to blame for the violence in the Aug. 12 “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville VA. The man walked through the crowd shouting “White power!” and gave a Nazi salute.

He walked through then left the crowd, with an amount of determination and intent that got our attention.

He was not merely a random neighbor on his way to market, ons who decided to speak out because he disagreed with the woman reading Murphy’s statement condemning Trump; He was wearing camouflage pants and a matching hat with SS bolts. This was just two days after Heather Heyer was murdered, and dozens of other anti-racists were injured, in a mass violence spree committed by white supremacist James Fields of Maumee, Ohio.

This Sieg-Heiling man came out to let folks know that he felt empowered by the actions of the Charlottesville white supremacists and we were able to identify him as Dormont, PA resident Hardy Carroll Lloyd.

Lloyd is an unapologetic misogynist, murderer, homophobe, antisemite, and white supremacist.

Heartfelt attempts at correction from his father and encounters with the law have not stopped him (although his wealthy family almost surely helps support him financially, the family has also noted that, to Hardy, the are 'race traitors'). He freely moved within the South Hills suburbs of Pittsburgh and is so active in spreading hate that these actions require a timeline:

   2001– Lloyd joins the World Church of the Creator (WCOTC), a white-supremacist group that calls itself a 'religion'.
     2001– Lloyd’s father, a wealthy Pittsburgh surgeon, tells the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that his son suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome, a mild form of autism. He said his son has become fixated on race issues since childhood and cannot be dissuaded- nothing his parents do to intervene seems to turn him away from his racist ideology.
     September 12, 2002– Lloyd is arrested for harassment. No charges filed.
     Late 2002– Lloyd is kicked out of the WCOTC by Matthew Hale. Hale, along with World Church of the Creator founder Ben Klassen, white supremacist terrorist David Lane, and, of course, Hitler, remain some of Lloyd's most beloved 'heroes'. Interestingly, like Hitler, Ben Klassen killed himself rather than face the consequences of his actions.
     October 14, 2003– Lloyd, the self-proclaimed “PA State Leader of Creativity” sends an announcement to selected 'Creators 'stating that he is making a new church to replace the dead church of Matt Hale. There are no takers for membership. Over the next few months he goes through a violent downward spiral. 
     2003– With the cooperation of his parents, Lloyd is involuntarily committed to a psychiatric facility. He is released after promising to abandon his racist website and leafleting of Creativity propaganda. The charges stemming from this involuntary commitment cannot be found; Perhaps he was never charged or the charges were expunged.
     August 3, 2004– Lloyd kills his girlfriend of a few months, Lori Hann, in front of the 5400 block of Beacon Street in Pittsburgh. She had been shot once in the head. Three days later, Lloyd is found with Lisa Marie Donato (whom he started dating a few weeks prior- they since referred to each other as married) and arrested. He is eventually charged with criminal homicide, Allegheny County Docket No. CP-02-CR-0012154-2004, and a misdemeanor charge of carrying a firearm without a license is added, Allegheny County Docket No. CP-02-CR-0005380-2005. Although Lloyd receives this charge because he has a criminal record and can not legally buy firearms- Hann bought them for him in her name- no criminal record can be found prior to this 2004 murder charge. The reason for not legally being able to purchase or own a firearm could possibly be due to his 2003 involuntary committal to a psychiatric facility.
     November 3, 2006– Jury finds Lloyd not guilty of criminal homicide and finds him guilty only of one count of carrying a firearm without a license. Bail is originally set at $20,000 then dropped to $5,000. At trial, Lloyd is represented by private attorney Caroline M. Roberto. Three days later, bail is posted by his father and Lloyd is released from prison, where he was held without bail posted and awaiting trial.
     January 16, 2007– Lloyd is sentenced to a term of 11 ½ to 23 months in jail, followed by 3 years of probation. He is credited with the time served for the period of August 7, 2004 through and including November 6, 2006. This is the day Lloyd’s probation begins and is set to expire on January 16, 2010.
     2007– After November 6, 2006, Lloyd launches the organization “Universal Fascism,” whose stated goal is to “promote open and violent revolt against the Americans, the JEWS, the Economic Elite of the world, and Monotheism!” Lloyd changes his nomenclature and claims he is no longer a white supremacist. Via an E-mail exchange, he informs the Intelligence Report that he is dedicated to fostering “inter-racial cooperation between Fascists” across the globe. “I have associates in Japan, Turkey, the UK and Ireland, all over Europe, Mexico, America, Canada, Panama, Columbia, Chile, Brazil and Argentina.” To this day, Hardy still boasts that he is working alongside fascists from many nations, as long as they are fascists who support racial separation and are not Black or Jewish (as with many of Lloyd's boasts, his international following seems to be little but fantasy).
      December 22, 2007– Lloyd boasts about killing Hann in posting his song “Bitch Killer, as sung by Hardy Lloyd” (a spoof of Body Count’s 1992 “Cop Killer”) on his “Universal Fascism” website. The song lists the woman he killed by name and taunts her family, as well as claims that he got even by killing her. Lloyd continues his musical career and on January 21, 2008, he posts his version of “The Heat is On, by Glenn Fr[e]y, as sung by Hardy”. The song again lists the woman he killed by name and references her anguish as she died.
     April 4, 2009– Richard Poplawski guns down three Pittsburgh police officers and Lloyd celebrates their death on his website. His comments earn him a slot on a domestic terrorism watch list and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security warns local law enforcement that Lloyd may be prone to the same violent actions as Poplawski. On April 6, 2009, an application for a search warrant of Lloyd’s website is filed.
     May 14, 2009– A picture of Lloyd with a new firearm is found posted online, which evidences his probation violation. Not noted by police as an issue relating to his acquittal of murder, Lloyd references in the caption that this shotgun is better than using a revolver to shoot, and by writing “babe,” in which we infer he is talking to a woman (“The best gun I ever used!! No revolvers needed, babe!!”). Knowing that his female victim Hann kept a .357 Magnum revolver in her vehicle, we can only assume this comment is meant to further dehumanize the deceased.
     July, 2009– Lloyd is arrested for violation of probation on firearms charges.
     December 1, 2009– Charges are filed in federal court for 'felon in possession of a firearm', and the complaint lists ten firearms and ammunition that were found on May 27, 2009, Federal Docket No. 2:09-cr-00320-AJS.
     December 16, 2009– Lloyd is ordered to remain detained while he awaits sentencing for federal weapons charges. The reasons cited are because he is “a danger to any other person or the community” and “that a serious risk exists that defendant will… threaten, injure, or intimidate… a prospective witness or juror.”
     August 3, 2010– In a plea deal entered between Lloyd and the US Attorney’s office, he is charged with one count possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and sentenced to 30 months imprisonment to be followed by 3 years supervised release, to pay a $100 special assessment, and to forfeit the 10 firearms and ammunition identified in the indictment. The conditions of his 3 years supervised release, in addition to the usual conditions handed down by a federal court, are that he not possess a firearm or any other dangerous weapon, submit to mental health assessment or treatment, and not host a website at any time while under probation.
     August 25, 2015– Lloyd is released from prison and 3 years of supervisory release begins.
     September and October, 2015– Dormont PD reported that Lloyd set up a blog page and is making posts on it, referring to himself as “The Prophet” who is “preparing for the downfall of the infidel world.” He also advocates for the murder of individuals who circumcise their newborns.
     October 16, 2015– Lloyd is not charged with a violation of his release, his conditions of supervision are just amended to cover all the internet bases this time: He is not permitted to have access to any internet service provider, bulletin board system, or any other public or private computer network or service at any location.
     2016– In August 2017 a Pittsburgh City Paper reporter uncovered that when a non-white person moves into a building near Lloyd’s home, the property began to be vandalized (Perhaps surprisingly, Lloyd spent years living in the largely Jewish Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh, even living in view of a synagogue, and has often bragged of 'infiltrating the Jews') . A building owner “has video of a man who appears to be Lloyd vandalizing his property, including gluing and damaging gate locks in the early morning hours.” The owner says “…it wasn’t hard to figure out it was racist related.” The owner informed the Dormont Police about Lloyd, handed over the video, but no legal action came of it: “They know it was him.”
     July 1, 2016– Lloyd is charged with harassment. Lloyd makes a threatening post about a local man, calling him “a bigot promoting anti-white hate”, posting a picture of the man and his wife in an attempt to obtain their address. These types of harassment and attempted doxxing campaigns from Lloyd continue to this day against anyone he decides is an 'ant-white bigot' or a 'commie'. A criminal complaint is filed on July 27, 2016 at Magisterial District, Docket No. MJ-05003-CR-0006100-2016. The criminal harassment offense against Lloyd is withdrawn and the second harassment offense is moved to the lowest offense possible- It is no longer on the criminal docket but is tried as a non-traffic case. On September 20, 2016, Lloyd is charged with Harassment- Subject Other to Physical Contact, a summary offense. Jail time served from 9/1/16 to 9/14/16 is compensated., Magisterial District Docket No. MJ-05003-NT-0005409-2016.
     July 15, 2016– Pittsburgh PD reported that Lloyd has an active Facebook page and is making troubling Facebook posts in connection with ambushing police. An arrest warrant is issued through federal court for violation of probation in connection with Internet usage and the harassment charge. Lloyd's last known Facebook account disappeared around September of 2021, although he still accesses Facebook to search for mention of his name and grab public-facing photos of anyone he deems an 'anti-white bigot'.
     August 16, 2016– The federal court revokes Lloyd’s supervised release and sentences him to 14 months imprisonment followed by 22 months supervised release upon the same conditions originally imposed.
     July 21, 2017– After serving less than his 14 month sentence, Lloyd is released from prison and supervisory release begins for the next 22 months. His conditions of supervision are again amended. He is permitted to possess or use a computer and is allowed to access the Internet. However, he is not permitted to use a computer or other electronic devices to access social networks, chatrooms, blogs, or to communicate with any individual or group for the purpose of promoting terrorism.
     July 2017– A week or so after Lloyd is released from prison, he and Donato found the Pennsylvania Church of Creativity (Pittsburgh, PA) and begin holding public “church” services. They are now officially affiliated with the Creativity Alliance. Lloyd serves as the self-proclaimed “Reverend” who preaches messages of hate and intolerance. He has since changed his 'church' name to The Church of Ben Klassen, of which his is the self-proclaimed 'Pontifex Maximus' although the church is not recognized by most other Creativity 'churches'
     August 2017– It is rumored that Lloyd is kicked out of several businesses near his home in Dormont because of his propensity for wearing white power t-shirts.
     August 31, 2017– White supremacist flyers from the Pennsylvania Church of Creativity show up in neighborhoods around Pittsburgh and are quickly taken down by residents of these areas.
     September 1, 2017– It is rumored that Lloyd is banned from entering all property owned by Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA after he is found handing out his “church” flyers.
     Aug. 15, 2019- Lloyd is again sentenced to 14 months in prison for parole violations, this time for having called for 'lone wolf' violence against gun-control advocates and synagogues.
     Late 2020- Shonna Kay Patterson, Lloyd's current 'wife' and 'church' secretary, relocates to Austin, TX from the Dallas area.
     Dec. 31, 2020- After having served the last few months of his sentence in a low-security halfway house in Pittsburgh, Lloyd is again released from jail, although this time without any parole restrictions.
     May, 2021- Lloyd is believed to have moved from Pittsburgh to the Highland neighborhood of North Central Austin.
     June 2021- Lloyd states that he is 'bunking with some friends in Texas' while in hiding from members of the National Socialist Movement.
     August 23, 2021- A man matching Lloyd's description threatens to pull a gun on an anti-racist at an Austin grocery store who questions his Nazi hate-rock t-shirt and red-laced boots.
     Late October, 2021- The Goyim Defense League, featuring members from California, Florida, and Central Texas, conducts a week of white supremacist 'activism' in Central Texas, featuring an Austin Police Department officer laughing along with and fist-bumping their leader, Petaluma, CA failed actor Jon Minadeo, and culminating in the arson of a local synagogue by one of their members.
     November, 2021- Hardy Carroll Lloyd begins his racist and antisemitic stickering and flyering campaign across North Central Austin, focusing on schools, playgrounds, parks, churches, government buildings, bus stops, traffic signs, utility boxes, neighborhoods, and popular shopping areas.  
     November 19, 2021- Dozens of Goyim Defense League flyers appear in the Brentwood area of North Central Austin, an area where Lloyd has also been active, and displaying that GDL is not just California or a Florida anomaly. 

Hardy Lloyd was not content just being known as someone who posted online admiration for Adolf Hitler.

In 2001, at the age of 23, Hardy Lloyd joined the WCOTC (The World Church if the Creator).

Matthew Hale, the group’s so-called Pontifex Maximus, welcomed Lloyd and his enthusiasm for actively organizing for the RaHoWa (Racial Holy War). Reporter Dennis Roddy told Hale that Lloyd suffered from autism and his family and Hale himself “simply chose to deny there was anything wrong” with him. Lloyd’s father noticed that “his son could somehow be turned around and a cynical racist leader’s determination to capitalize on a young man’s infirmity” would guide much of Lloyd's future.

Lloyd was a leading deputy to Hale only for about a year until some of the WCOTC members questioned Hale about Lloyd referring to himself as the “Pittsburgh Creator”.

Other members of the WCOTC began calling for Lloyd's excommunication from their ranks.

Soon after, Lloyd was involved in a knife-wielding incident at the home of Anti-Racist Action members, and, after a subsequent violent confrontation, was involuntarily committed to a local mental hospital, at which time he was deemed too much of a liability to the WCOTC organization, and Hale gave him the boot.

Hale was then arrested in January of 2003 on charges of obstructing justice and soliciting to assassinate a federal judge, and Lloyd became more off-the-wall and violent in his rants.

He was disgruntled by the ineffectiveness of the white power movement and the Creativity movement, so he decided to start his own “church,” which he called “Orthodox Creativity”. He invented a new form of creativity called GAEE (Gods Against Earthly Existence). The following year, he began referring to himself as “the doctor of all hate” whose motto was “Wake up and Kill Someone.” He encouraged his fellow white supremacists to be as violent and vicious as possible., even towards women and children: “Women and children can also be your enemy,” he wrote, “Do not shy away from hitting or killing a woman or child!”

On the night of Aug. 3, 2004, Lloyd was arguing with his girlfriend Lori Hann (sometimes also spelled in the media as 'Hahn'), and shot her dead.

Earlier that evening, Hann, a 41-year-old legal secretary who had the misfortune of meeting Lloyd through an online dating site, reportedly threatened to break up with him, and an argument ensued that only ended when Lloyd pursued her from her car onto a stranger’s front porch and shot her in the head with a handgun, one that she purchased for him because he could not legally purchase firearms. He was arrested three days later, and, within hours, the 'Aryan warrior' had confessed to killing a white woman.

At the time, Lloyd was already dating his next 'wife' (no record exists of them ever having married), Lisa Marie Donato.

On November 3, 2006, a jury found Lloyd not guilty of criminal homicide and found him guilty of only one count of carrying a firearm without a license. At his murder trial, prosecutors argued that Hann pulled over because she was terrified and that Lloyd shot her in cold blood as she was running for help. But the prosecutors were not convincing. Jurors apparently believed that Lloyd reasonably assumed Hann was armed.

2006- 2015- Can an Avowed NeoNazi Skinhead and 'Lone Wolf' Terrorist Change?

Hardy Carroll Lloyd, sometime between 2006 and 2009.
Hardy Carroll Lloyd, sometime between 2006 and 2009.

At some point after this jury acquitted Lloyd and he was released from prison, he started calling referring to himself as a “skinhead” and he does still wear Skrewdriver shirts today, among other Nazi hate-rock band shirts.

He, like many other misguided white men, subscribes to the bastardized model of the original , non-racist, skinhead movement, whose members were not a racist group and shared an appreciation of Black music and Black fashion, especially influenced by Jamaican rude boy culture and ska and reggae music. Anti-racist skinheads often refer to white power 'skinheads' as 'boneheads' and claim that due to the huge influence of Jamaican culture on the original skinhead movement, a racist cannot be a skinhead.

The Southern Poverty Law Center reports that just months after his acquittal, Lloyd started bragging online about killing Hann.

In addition to taunting Hann's friends and families with boasts such as "I shot that bitch in Squirrel Hill, just to watch her die," Lloyd has also justified the murder by claiming that Hann was an FBI informant, and has claimed that he 'earned' his red laces (symbolic among Nazi boneheads of having shed blood for the white race) via the murder.

In 2009, Lloyd began referring to himself as “The Wolf,” informing the world that he was no longer a neo-Nazi, but an “anti-American terrorist."

The 'Wolf' in question is meant to place him in the lineage of the 'Lone Wolf," white terrorists who extend through the ideology of white supremacist terrorists David Lane and Timothy McVeigh, and into the ideology of modern-day white supremacist terrorists like Atomwaffen Division and many mass shooters.

In July of 2009, Lloyd was arrested for probation violation and, eventually, was charged with one count of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and sentenced to thirty months imprisonment to be followed by three years supervised release, to pay a $100 special assessment, and to forfeit the ten firearms and corresponding ammunition identified in the indictment.

The conditions of his three years supervised release, in addition to the usual conditions handed down by a federal court, were that he not possess a firearm or any other dangerous weapon, that he submit to mental health assessment or treatment, and that he not host a website at any time while under supervision.

In July 2010, while Lloyd was awaiting sentencing for his firearms possession, letters-of-support were sent to the Judge by his long-time therapist (who was also a support witness called in his case), father and mother, his girlfriend Donato and her father, as well as friends Joshua Dean Roy and April Allen, and another friend of the family.

The content found within these letters of support provide an example of how his racist, anti-social behavior was written off as simply the social dysfunctions of someone with a diagnosis in the autism spectrum, specifically Asperger’s Syndrome, at a level at which his long time therapist reported as being “…very high functioning. He can process at a level that most people would not know that he has a mental health disorder…”.

His therapist went on to testify that Lloyd’s primary problem with Asperger’s disorder was the navigation of social and intra-personal skills. which left him essentially stuck at a given age. He testified that, after being treated while incarcerated, he moved up many years in maturity and was now at the tenth grade level of development. It should be noted that the vast majority of people on the Autism spectrum never devote themselves to virulent racist hatred.

His father signed a letter on his parent’s' behalf that did not mention Lloyd’s known acts against the community, and none of his letters-of-support acknowledged any pain he continued to cause the community.

Within these letters, we can envision a story told of psychiatric troubles at three years old ,and his then confirmed diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome causing such a hindrance on him socially that his father wrote of the “many acts of kindness” from a “troubled, yet much-loved man”. His friend Joshua Dean Roy stated that he was “constantly seeking to…improve the quality of his larger community.”

The people writing these letters did not believe (or at least claimed to not believe) he had hurt, was hurting- or would hurt- anyone but himself. Surely, according to them, it was just typical behavior from someone with Asberger’s. Just typical behavior of a boy emotionally stuck in the tenth grade.

2015- 2020- Hardy Lloyd Just Can't Stay Out of Trouble

On August 25, 2015 ,Lloyd was released from prison and three years of supervisory release began. Lloyd immediately violated the conditions of his probation and set up a blog page. He referred to himself as “The Prophet” who was “preparing for the downfall of the infidel world” and also advocated for the murder of individuals who circumcise their newborns.

Lloyd was not charged with a violation of his release; His conditions of supervision were just amended to cover all the Internet bases at the time: He was not permitted to have access to any Internet service provider, bulletin board system, or any other public or private computer network or service at any location.

For the next year, he violated the newly amended conditions of his probation on numerous occasions, caught on video allegedly causing property damage to an apartment building in his Dormont neighborhood where a non-white person moved in, and starting a Facebook profile where he made posts in connection with ambushing police.

On August 16, 2016 , the federal court revoked Lloyd’s supervised release and sentenced him to fourteen months of imprisonment followed by twenty-two months of supervised release upon the same conditions originally imposed.

After serving less than his fourteen month sentence, Lloyd was released from prison on July 21, 2017, and supervisory release began for the next twenty-two months.

His conditions of supervision were again amended. He was permitted to possess or use a computer and was allowed to access the Internet. However, he was not permitted to use a computer or other electronic devices to access social networks, chatrooms, blogs, or to communicate with any individual or group for the purpose of promoting terrorism. Of course, he violated these terms.

Within one week, he violated his conditions of probation and joined and visited social networks related to white terrorism on the Internet.

He named himself “Reverend” (like the term 'Doctor' that he also assigns to himself, there was no governing body that handed him this title) and he and Donato started the Pennsylvania Church of Creativity (Pittsburgh, PA), which was affiliated with the Creativity Alliance (His fall-out with the Creativity Alliance will be covered later). He picked up his mail ,and the church’s, at P.O. Box 8055, Pittsburgh, PA 15216 (His PO Box is now located somewhere in the vicinity of downtown Austin).

He and Donato organized monthly “services” and he continued to violate the terms of his probation by sharing cyber-company with other white supremacists who chatted about RaHoWa and blamed transgender people, people of color, and women for their personal shortcomings and unhappiness.

Lloyd and Lisa Marie Donato considered themselves married. It is true that she was the second member of The Pennsylvania Church of Creativity and they were together since the night he murdered his girlfriend (Lloyd was riding in Donato's car when he was arrested for the murder), so they were united by some seriously demented life goals. However, while Lloyd was incarcerated , she legally married Hugh Perry Hootman, Jr. on September 28, 2014.

In a failed attempt at gaining some media traction, Donato told local reporters that their “church” was working with the 3% Biker Club, the Hammerskins, and the Keystone State Skinheads (Keystone United) on projects related to white terrorism. As of this writing, no mainstream media has chosen to cover the Pennsylvania Church of Creativity or Lisa Donato’s brand of purposeful ignorance.

More recently, The 'Dr'' 'Rev.' Hardy Carroll Lloyd now refers to his church as 'The Church of Ben Klassen', to differentiate it from other Creativity churches, many of which Lloyd has public beefs with.

Cailen Cambeul, the Australian-based leader of the Creativity Alliance, has even accused Hardy of receiving preferential treatment in jail by informing on other white supremacists, and has recently said, of Lloyd, "Any Creator that meets Hardy Carroll Lloyd in the street, should be prepared to kill him on the spot - Self Defence of course. If you are going to allow him to live, make sure that Race-Traitor is humiliated and you have it on video."

Even among Nazis, Lloyd is extremely antisocial, with few if any real-life friends or close associates, and this is far from the only beef with other white supremacist groups that Lloyd has publicly engaged in, including, as well, The Creativity Movement and the Aryan Brotherhood, and, as shall be mentioned later, the National Socialist Movement.

At some point in Lloyd’s murder trial, the judge charged with his ruling finally asked him what his white supremacy was all about, and Lloyd’s answer was that his interest in white supremacy was really about rebelling against his father. And while his private attorney Caroline M. Roberto and his uncle were claiming that he had not had any “racist leanings” for years, his wife Donato remained a practicing 'Creator.'

Even if Lloyd, in his tenth grade emotional and logical mind, cannot understand actions and consequences, lending to his repetitive and predictable parole violations, what excuse does his wife Donato have?

When Lloyd joined the WCOTC in 2001, people wrote that Matthew Hale was taking advantage of Lloyd in his juvenile mental state. Of course, this is something every egotistical zealot needs- sheep to follow him blindly- but was Donato not held to this standard? She was by his side since the night he killed his girlfriend- in fact, she was supposedly the topic of their fatal argument. Her situational support for her lover could arguably be forgiven ,but ,until recently, Donato continued to make the same type of virulent style posts online that Lloyd himself received harassment charges for.

At some point, Lloyd's relationship with Donato ended, possibly due to her recent marriage, and he 'remarried' Shonna Kay Patterson (06/ 03/ 1972), formerly Shonna Kay Savage and Shonna Kay Kaough of Greenville, TX, aka 'Sister Ivanava' or 'Stasha Ivanava', the current 'church' secretary.

Patterson goes by 'Peachy Patterson' or 'Stasha Peachy' on Facebook. Patterson has been posting Nazi content on Facebook at least as early as 2013. The two were photographed together in 2014, and she referred to Lloyd as her 'husband' in her 'Slavic Aryanism' blog in 2019 (again, no records exist of this marriage).

Hardy Carroll Llloyd and Shonna Kay Patterson, ;married couple', from Patterson's blog in 2019
Recent photo of Shonna Kay Patterson showing off a swastika tattoo

Both Patterson and Lloyd are fans of the idea of modern-day Russia as a great 'defender of the white race', and the focus of Patterson's blog was to promote the idea of a 'White Russia Forever'. Although Lloyd claims to denounce 'nationalism' in favor of 'worldwide racial loyalty', he can often be seen displaying Russian flags, as well as flags honoring his Welsh heritage.

After returning to prison on several occasions for infractions ranging from calling for violence against police, and accessing computers to buy firearms and watch violent, misogynistic videos, Lloyd was again found on Aug. 15, 2019 to have violated his parole by calling for 'lone wolf' violence against gun-control advocates and Jews.

Lloyd was sentenced to an additional twenty-four months in prison, although he served his last few months in a low-security halfway house in Pittsburgh on the assumption that he could be taught to 'transition back into society'. By Dec. 31, his maximum release date, Lloyd was back out on the street, posing a violent menace to his community.

2021- Now- Lloyd Relocates to Austin

Hardy Carroll Llloyd in early 2021, around the time he is suspected to have moved to Austin. Notice the 'SS Totenkopf' Nazi t-shirt.

Soon after his last release from prison, Hardy Carroll Lloyd is believed to have left Pittsburgh for Austin, TX.

Pittsburgh antifascists soon suspected he had left the state as his presence disappeared from Squirrel Hill, the heavily Jewish neighborhood where Lloyd had spent much of the last two decades when not incarcerated.

As one can probably guess from his past behavior, Lloyd does not excel at keeping a low profile. Lloyd flaunts his activities in other cities, especially Pittsburgh, but, from the lack of on-the-ground-sightings of him in Pittsburgh or literally anywhere else but Austin, this boasting seems to have no merit outside of a poorly thought-out attempt to obfuscate his current location.

Official records and eyewitness accounts show Lloyd at an apartment in the Highland Neighborhood of North Central Austin (721 Lamar Pl, Apt. 207, Austin, TX, 78752. The Kelowna apartments can be reached at (512) 900-8282) , near the DPS building, as of May of 2021.

Soon after, Lloyd posted on his VK page that he was 'bunking with some friends in Texas', in hiding from the National Socialist Movement, yet another white supremacist group that Lloyd has publicly beefed with.

Lloyd's wife, Shonna Kay Patterson, had moved to Austin shortly before, in late 2020, possibly to pave the way for Lloyd.

In an ad searching for a roommate around that time, Patterson wrote “I am 49. I’m on social security disability. I am free spirited. I like to clean. Non smoker. I like to read, I like to do peoples hair, and do arts and crafts. Love meeting new people.” She conspicuously mentions that she is a Nazi. Patterson may be living not far from Lloyd in the Hyde Park neighborhood of North Central Austin, near the 45th Street WalGreen's.

For a time, Hardy Carroll Lloyd managed to keep a fairly low profile in Austin for a virulent and violent Nazi. Sometime in June, a collection of rare and esoteric Nazi and other white supremacist texts appeared at the Half Price Books on Koenig Lane, near Hardy's apartment. Perhaps Hardy was short on money?

Then, on the night of Monday, August 23, 2021, a man matching Lloyd's voice, appearance, and Pittsburgh slang threatened to pull a gun on someone at the HEB grocery store on Burnet Road, when questioned about his Nazi hate-rock t-shirt.

No gun can be seen in the video, but Hardy has indicated the carries 'black powder' pistols, which are legal for felons in Texas to own. He has also been known to carry mace and large knives. And Hardy has time-and-time again flaunted firearms laws as a felon. Regardless, extreme caution should be paid when confronting Hardy.

A man matching Lloyd's description shortly before he threatens to pull a gun on an anti-racist wha asks about his Nazi hate-rock 'Bound for Glory' t-shirt

And then, in October of 2021, the 'Goyim Defense League', with members from California, Florida, and Texas, enacted a week-long reign of terror on Austin, consisting of two antisemitic banner-hangings in largely Jewish neighborhoods and rallies at the Austin Police Department headquarters and on the popular 6th Street entertainment district.

One of the banner hangings featured an incident in which a member of the Austin Police Department, Officer Nelsen (Badge# 5657) famously laughed along with GDL leader Jon Minadeo's jokes and fist-bumped him. The week culminated in the Halloween arson of the Congregation Beth Israel synagogue by an 18-year old San Marcos, TX member of the GDL.

Perhaps these events led Hardy Carroll Lloyd to accelerate his own actions, as he began to litter the schools, playgrounds, churches, traffic signs, government buildings, and bus stops (Hardy doesn't drive but travels on foot and by bus) of North Central Austin with hundreds, if not thousands (by Lloyd's own estimate, although he is a notorious exaggerator) of racist stickers and flyers. The stickers, sourced from Arkansas hate-rock record label Tightrope! Records (possibly most famous for a purported plan to litter schoolyards with hate-rock CDs), contain messages such as "Rahowa" (Racial Holy War); "Fight Terror: Nuke Israel"; "100% White, 100% Proud"; "White Pride"; "It’s Okay to be White"; "White People Rock"; "Fuck Antifa"; "Fuck BLM"; "Fuck Diversity,"; along with various racist and antisemitic cartoons and even some antivaxx propaganda thrown in for good measure.

Some popular locations where Lloyd posts his vile, hate-ridden trash include Brentwood Neighborhood Park, the DPS building and nearby signs and bus-stops near the corner of Lamar and Denson, the University of Texas Intramural fields. McCallum High School, the Central Market playground, Reilly elementary School, Ramsey and Shipe Parks, Highland Neighborhood Park, and street signs in a several-block radius near the Grover and Romeria intersection.

A map of recent confirmed Hardy Lloyd activity.

Austin antifascists have been hard-at-work removing Lloyd's racist vitriol and shutting down his myriad attempts at creating racist hate-filled and violent blogs that flaunt Blogger Terms-of-Service agreements, and Lloyd's racist trash has thankfully not stayed up for long.

Displaying that the GDL is still active in the Austin area, GDL propaganda, this time in full-color in plastic bags and weighted with rocks to be thrown from cars, has recently appeared in some of the very same neighborhoods that Lloyd has been frequenting, although it is not yet clear if they are working in collaboration or in competition (Recent social media posts by Lloyd calling the GDL 'twits' would indicate they are competing for territory).

Meanwhile, Lloyd has attempted to doxx any member of the community who speaks out against his racist trash, who he defines as an 'anti-white bigot' or a 'commie', against who he threatens violence: " All of us open carry. I myself carry the LEGAL black powder. All of us believe in Jihad. All of us will pull and fire. I myself will kill no matter WHAT you do. Spit on one of us and we kill you. Punch one and we kill you. Get in our face and we will kill you."

Hardy Carroll Lloyd is a threat to our community, and it's clear, from previous behavior, that he will continue, or even accelerate, his hateful and genocidal agenda.

We in no way advocate for the current prison system as a solution to harmful and dangerous members of our society who need psychiatric care, but we do wonder: Would a white man who did not come from wealthy and loving parents- or a black man- be given this many opportunities to stay out of jail?

Should we pity Hardy Lloyd? We do not. Many folks living with Asperger’s have learned to compensate for their social challenges and are making positive contributions to society. Lloyd is not mentally disabled, he is making bad choices, hateful choices promoting genocide.