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Howard Phillips

Howard Phillips
Howard Phillips
GroupaffiliationsUS Taxpayers Alliance (Founder)
Conservative Caucus Research, Analysis & Education Foundation (President)
Conservative Caucus (chairman)
Published ByOPP HQ
Published On13 March 2004

Howard Phillips is the Founder of the US Taxpayers Alliance and president of the Conservative Caucus Research, Analysis & Education Foundation. Phillips also has been chairman of the Conservative Caucus since 1974. He is a Christian Rightist who has railed against the woman's right to choose, homosexuals and ran as the nominee for president for the US Taxpayers Party (USTP, now known as the Constitution Party) in 1996.

The USTP is a organization that hides behind the guise of rights and freedoms to promote a facist agenda that curtails the rights of Americans they disagree with. Take their stance on AIDS:

    "Under no circumstances should the Federal government continue to subsidize activities which have the effect of encouraging homosexual conduct. Criminal penalties should apply to those whose willful acts of omission or commission place members of the public at toxic risk." 

Their platform on individual rights, is the stance racists used to justify their actions:

    "Each and every citizen should be free to choose his friends and associates to offer, seek or refuse employment, and to rent or sell his property to whom he wishes." 

Their stance on crime makes that stance clearer:

    "We are opposed to the so-called 'Racial Justice Act,' which seeks to provide criminals convicted in capital cases with a racial basis for appeal...
    We oppose the establishment of police review boards which seek to put on trial the peace officer rather than the law breaker...
    We oppose the concept of so-called 'hate crimes,' recognizing that all crimes of violence are now punishable under other statutes," 

Incidentially, the USTP has been tied to militant anti-abortion groups and the militia movement.

Phillips has since retired.