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Ingrid Zündel

Ingred Zündel
Home BaseTennessee
VehicleCurrently drives a brown

Volkswagon (of course!) Quantum
GL, Tennessee License Plate # DRV 490.
Has two bumber stickers, one saying
"Repent America 2 Chronicles 7:14",

and another for EURO.

Ingrid Rimland Zündel is the wife of Ernst Zündel, the neo-Nazi who got a lot of attention in the 1980s and 1990s with his Holocaust denial shtick. Like Ernst, Ingrid is from Germany, but she was raised in Paraguay and eventually found herself in the States. Her vocation is special education, and she started off in a speaking career that centered on that. She also holds an Ed.D. and raised a developmentally disabled child. She began to screw up all of her good works by hooking up with Ernst in September 1994 and the following year developing the "Zundelsite", Ernst's site dedicated to him and the rehabilitation of Adolf Hitler. Her thing to do were these daily columns she would put out called "ZGrams", where she would also go on the theme of how Hitler was a really nice guy and that the Holocaust didn't happen. On January 19, 2000, Ernst and Ingrid were married, and Ernst moved from his home in Toronto to a little place in Tennessee. The fun began in February 2003, when Ernst, who although lived in Canada for 40 years was still a German National, was picked up because he missed an interview date with US immigration authorities. Two weeks later he was deported to Canada, where he was declared a threat to national security, starting deportation procedures. With Ingrid leading the charge, Zündels' supporters tried for two years to fight the deportation, but in February 2005, he was deported back to Germany where he faced arrest and prosecution for spreading hate in that country. He is currently in Mannheim Prison in Germany. Ingrid, who is a US Citizen is still working for his release, but that does not look likely. She is reportedly going around the country fundraising, so keep an eye out if she decides to show up in your town.

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