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James Mazzone (INCARCERATED)

James Mazzone
James Mazzone
Home BaseNorth Bergen, NJ
Address6024 N. Bergen Rd., North Bergen, NJ
Phone(201)969-1655 cell
(201)279-9484 landline
AKAJames McManus
Published ByOPP HQ
Published On13 March 2004

There has been a strongly held contention that white power groups are funded by drugs and when one looks at James Mazzone, that contention gets some meat to it. Now you will not hear him among his Aryan Nations circles called by that name. There he is called Jim McManus, which is his father's name. The real name is Mazzone, the name he took from his stepfather, and that name does not have a good relationship with law enforcement.

He was behind bars in 1993 on drug convictions, and spent most of the 4-5 years in solitary confinement/administrative segregation. Reportedly that continues even today with a more recent arrest on drug charges, of which he was cleared of. Mazzone is Aryan Nations' New Jersey head, and according to a source who once lived with Mazzone, he supported the group for a while helping get Dick Butler to PA and back again with drug money. All financial help that they got from his was allegedly because of his selling drugs. If he goes, the Garden State may happily be out one hate group.

DLJ actually met Mazzone nine months before One People's Project launched. Mazzone was at a New York City Klan rally in October 1999 when DLJ was videotaping it for a public access show he was working on at the time. When he saw a man walking through the crowd of anti-racists with an Aryan Nations pin on his trenchcoat, he began peppering him with questions before members of the Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade and other activists asked him to leave.

The funny thing about this is Mazzone does not have any animosity against people of other races or cultures. According to the aforementioned source, his beef has been with Jews, believing that they are trying to kill the white race. One of his best friends is a black man aged 44-50 named Tony. Tony drives a silver Saturn, can be seen regularly around North Bergen, and was Mazzone's supplier. It was also said that Mazzone himself reportedly supplied to several employees at Hulihans, right on the water near the statue of Liberty in New York, as well as to two police officers in Bergen County, and his ex wife, Ali Mazzone (who is Hispanic and not pure white) is both a supplier and customer to him. None of this has been confirmed, however.

NBC may want to start screening their stagehands too. James works off and on as a backstage hand for them (can you imagine a television program with the name of an Aryan Nations member in the credits?) as well as for concerts that are put on in the New York City area. His favorite restaurant that he frequents often is the Rainbow Buffet in Bergen, NJ that is an assortment of American and Chinese food.

Now there is a contention about a girfriend that we will note here in the interest of being square. We were told one girlfriend was a girl by the name of Rya who we were told was only 17. Mazzone flat out denies this however, saying that she was of 18 at the time and of age. We not sure if they are currently together, but as this has been something we have had on the site for over a year, we should mention what was told to us in the past few months.

By the way, Mazzone lives in North Bergen, the same town as his boy Hal Turner, the racist talk-shit host who also has a network where he broadcasts Aryan Nations' radio show on shortwave.

Mazzone was sitting in jail on a drug trafficking conviction until 2008.