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Joe Bednarsky

Joseph V. Bednarsky, Jr.
Joseph V. Bednarsky, Jr.
Home BaseMillville, NJ
AKAnjwn, confederate_knight, robertELee, onfire4god, Gen. Robert E. Lee, USMC (Screen Names he has used)"Bob"
Published ByOPP HQ
Published On10 October 2006

The bulk of this entry is from an article that we had written about Joe Bednarsky last year, and the reason why it wasn't a full-fledged entry then was because we didn't think he was that big of a deal. We were under the impression that he gave all this white power shit up, but it seems that he has decided to get back into the fold, so we decided to go ahead and make him a little famous. This is some sad duty, we gotta say. Bednarsky is dumber than a sack of rocks, and it is annoying that we are even wasting our time with this clown. He keeps cropping up, and as you know, no matter how stupid someone who calls himself a Klan member looks, the media will spotlight him as if he is a huge thing. Dammit, read on and decide for yourself if he is.

Joseph V. Bednarsky was been an active white supremacist for over fifteen years, but no one, save for law enforcement, seemed to care. In the past few years, however he had been trying his damndest to change his luck - and he was hoping antifascists will help him do it. In 2005, Bednarsky announced that he will distribute flyers for his group North East White Pride from the local Post Office on June 4, and besides announcing the event on racist discussion boards, he also felt compelled to email antifascist groups about the event as well. The flyering was a bust. Bednarsky came with two other people, and two or three antifa came out just because they were curious. During the course of the "flyering", one of Bednarsky's companions had to leave. He was a mentally challenged boy whose sister came up to the corner that they were standing on pissed off that Bednarsky suckered her brother into joining him and took him home.

So who is Joe Bednarsky? Well, don't ask him if you want the truth to that question. Bednarsky will tell anyone who listens that he was a mercenary for hire, a hitman and former military. According to those who know him, he was always trying to hook up with females asking them to fly to Puerto Rico with him to do hired hit man jobs. The truth was reportedly a lot less colorful. He worked in the plumbing department at the Vineland, NJ Home Depot for a while and around the time of the anthrax scares of post 9-11, he was working at Lowe's. There has not been a record found of him ever serving in the military. Currently the 37-year-old lives at home with his mother and brother. We are mentioned them and posted the home address originally because they have been defending him and his activities, but we talked with Joe in Jauary 2007 and he asked that his family not get hassled for the things he is about, so we took their names and the address down.

One affiliation that he has had in the past - and apparently currently - was as a Klansman. He was a member of the Confederate Knights in the late 80s-early 90s, although he seemed to be a loner even in this capacity. In 1990, he announced a Klan rally to be held in Millville, but in the end it fizzled because he was the only one who wanted to participate. Over the next decade, there were reports of cross burnings and racist literature in Millville, and although Bednarsky was the only one that was known to be involved with hate activities, he wasn't held responsible for these incidents. He did manage to net himself a four-year stint on probation on an aggravated assault charge in 1998.

At press time, not much is known about the circumstances of this case, with the exception that it was possibly bias crime-related. By 2002, he was done with this, and in 2003, he participated in the local Adopt-A-Highway program under the organization name of Aryan Knights, sparking a little bit of local controversy, but also comedy. Aryan Nations' founder Dick Butler, who also ran the Aryan Nation Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, said he never heard of him. Bednarsky also dodged questions from reporters by directing them to his secretary who was on vacation. Only he and his wife were listed as participating in the program, and he was not believed to have had a real following.

He eventually got hooked up with a website called North East White Pride and that is how people got to know his name. "Joe was met at a Klan event in Maryland in late '04 and offered the position of forum administrator since his forum had been shut down and he had no job, giving him plenty of free time," The current Forum Administrator Rob O'Donovan said in a post about him. "Around November of '04 Joe decided to 'leave the movement' after he failed to get a large following for a flier drive and deleted the forums, claiming everything was his."

This was about the time we came in. See, Daryle Lamont Jenkins was one of those who was coordinating efforts to oppose a1990 failed attempt at a Klan rally in Millville, which would have been his first one had it happened. Not even then did Bednarsky's name come up and no one, particularly anyone at One People's Project had even heard of him until November of 2004, around the time he was supposed to have left the scene. That's because Bednarsky himself sent an email informing the group of a new website of his. At the time, OPP replied to the email, saying that given the fact that the board was at the time two weeks old, it seemed like he was just a publicity hound and we didn't care much. This prompted him to go to his board and say that we weren't worth his time to pursue. A few weeks later he sent another email to inform OPP that his board went to a new location. There, he announced that he was going to hold a rally in Millville on May 15, 2005. He also alerted the media and local law enforcement. Just like the 1990 rally, this one fizzled as well, reportedly because Bednarsky could not come up with the million-dollar liability insurance policy for the day.

Bednarsky would soon cry about a series of misfortunes happening to him.

   "Well, the Feds. (sic) ram saked (sic) my home looking for God know (sic) what," he wrote in Nov. 2004 on the Dragon's Realm website. "The SPLC, ADL, OPP, and the Jew Press have personally attacked me the past few months, and I lost my job due to it my home. and (sic) a number of other things." He said that all he had was his car, and just might leave New Jersey for greener pastures, and if anyone could help to contact him via a phone number he provided. 

Interestingly enough, that number is listed as belonging to someone with a Hispanic surname.

Somewhere around this time he hooked up with North East White Pride and became its administrator again. He also became very interested in us, and soon we started getting shows we put on cancelled after he mounted campaigns against the venues holding them, and our website forum was hacked. In April 2005, Bednarsky announced plans to distribute literature from the Millville Post Office, and he added to this a routine about how antifascists, particularly One People's Project, were more or less out to get him. Apparently he wasn't too sure antifascists cared enough, so he decided to push the envelope a bit. On May 26, Bednarsky sent an email to One People's Project directed to Daryle Lamont Jenkins regarding the event.

   "I do hope you show you (sic) sorry black ass up in Millville, NJ on the 4th., (sic)," he wrote. "That is if you have the balls to (sic). LOL" 

Similar emails were sent to other anti-fascist groups on the East Coast, all daring those groups to come to Millville. Many of those groups never even knew or even cared Bednarsky existed. What made this even more curious is the fact that while antifascist groups were contacted, no local media outlet had said anything of this event, suggesting that Bednarsky didn't bother to contact them, and suggesting further that something fishy was going on.

Soon after the emails were received, there was a call from one group alerting people of the event, and once Bednarsky saw that there was a response to his reaching out to antifa, he promptly alerted the police that they may come. In a letter he said he faxed to the Millville Chief of Police, Bednarsky claimed that Anti-Racist Action may try to stop him from holding their event, and even tried to suggest that certain laws may be violated by the group, such as a local ordinance that supposedly bars anyone handing out flyers without a permit.

   "I am sure there would be other violations as well in the Millvile (sic) Code if they show up and do what they say they will be doing," he wrote. "I have also faxed a copy of this said letter to three local news papers: The Daily Journal, Bridgeton News and The AC Press; as I feel people have a right to know what this ARA (Anti-Racist Actionis (sic)) is trying to do to us."

To this end, Bednarsky's planned event has been seen as a way for him to create a situation with the intent that it is volatile enough to focus attention on him. That is why Bednarsky is not being taken all that seriously by antifa. While he was able to shut down an anti-racist show and the One People's Project website put a brief spotlight on him, he has been seen overall as a buffoon. Even his announcement in 2005 that he may be the new New Jersey contact for Billy Roper's group White Revolution was shrugged away by one antifascist with the comment, "Fine, let him."

Alas, that didn't last long either. By June he "left the movement" again, and that was when he came to us to spill some beans. Note that we said "some". When he came to OPP, it was only week or so after the June 4, 2005 flyering, so we thought it was odd. When we talked to him on the phone, he would not divulge too much information when pressed. He gave us some personal information and IP addresses that were helpful, but we kept our distance, especially after he went to his former comrades claiming to be a member of OPP and threatening them with exposing them! And we really headed for the hills when we saw his newly-created "Southern Pride Forum", which he claimed was entirely non-race related. We didn't hear from him again until we went after a former colleague of his, and then he tried to encourage us to find God and leave his former friends alone. Now he was a born-again Christian, and with that came yet another website, an anti-racist "Christian" website, called Heritage of Holiness, carried the motto "Where there is Grace, there is No race."

In September of 2006, an announcement of the Oct. 14 rally planned for Harper's Ferry by Gordon Young's Klan crew appeared on the White Revolution website forum, posted by Bednarsky under the screen name "USMC". As he has done with basically every other screen name he had, Bednarsky denied he was the man behind the screen name, and acted like he was someone who was close to him. He posted a bit on this forum for a while, one of the posts an article on Klan flyers that just so happened to show up in a town near his Millville home, with a address for the Klan crew in Millville that Bednarsky claims to be a member of, and a quote from Bednarsky himself! When asked about Bednarsky by another poster, Bednarsky said,

   "I will say that he never left the Klan, but only got off the internet due to the the bs and inter-fighting and most of the bs going around about him is not true. If you have any other questions please send them to me in a pm." 

Then a thread on the Resistance website from last year when he was trying to be some sort of Confederate Antifa (he was posting as Gen. Robert E. Lee) was linked to the White Revolution forum, and the crew there went after him. "If you're trying to say that this Gen. Robert E. Lee was Joe then I would have to say your (sic) wrong due to the fact that there were a number of people claming to be him and posting bs on different white forums," he tried to say to no avail. After what he did to White Revolution in the past, they were not about to deal with him again, and he was banned from the forum.

On Oct. 8, 2006, Bednarsky got himself in the spotlight again. He and Robert C. Baker, 33, of West McNeal Street, Millville, NJ walked into a harvest festival sporting KKK t-shirts and started passing out flyers. After a bit of a disturbance, they were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. At the time of this writing, he and Baker are scheduled to appear in court on Oct. 26. In the meantime, he will lap up all the attention he is getting. In the end, that's all he has, but if he keeps screwing with people he might find the cost for such attention might not be worth it.