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Matt Downing

Matt Downing
Matt Downing
Home BaseBrookline, MA
AKAxthulex (on Stormfront)
GroupaffiliationsNational Vanguard
Published ByOPP HQ
Published On08 September 2005

Matt Downing, of Brookline, MA, is a card-carrying member of the "National Vanguard," a group that bills itself as the premiere pro-white organization in the country. This is a recent split off from the "National Alliance," a group that was long considered the largest and richest neo-Nazi organization in the country. The National Vanguard tries very much to be a politically legitimate face for fascism. They are modeled after the British National Party (BNP), the UK's largest fascist political party.

Their members do not necessarily "look like" traditional neo-Nazis or other white nationalists. They are encouraged to be presentable and upstanding members of society in order to have a broader appeal to the majority of whites, who they hope will be sympathetic. However, members of the National Alliance and those inspired by their leaders have in the past carried out shooting sprees at Jewish community centers, and organized an underground white-supremacist terrorist group that carried out numerous bombings and bank robberies. Timothy McVeigh was even inspired by a book written by the groups founder when he carried out the Oklahoma City bombing. The new name that this group carries, and their gentle language, does not change any of this.

This is the group that Matthew Downing, a Northeastern student, belongs to. He might claim to be nothing more than an activist. He might claim to be a separatist, not a supremacist. He might claim to be a racialist, not a racist. Matt is responsible for flyerings around campus promoting racism against Latino immigrants and anti-Semitism. Recently, Matthew was responsible for flyerings throughout Brookline, which drew the attention of a local newspaper, which wrote an article about the hate group's activities.

Matthew has become the dominant poster on the website of his group's "Boston Unit," increasing his level of activity. Matthew feels that "non-white" immigration is the greatest current threat to this country. He feels that the removal of Slobodan Milosevic was wrong because he was a strong white leader. Matt believes in classic theories of Jewish-controlled media conspiracies. Do not be fooled by Matthew's sugar-coated language: he is a racist, a fascist, and a neo-Nazi. He and other members of his organization are extremely dangerous and cannot be allowed to recruit in our universities and communities. They cannot be given a platform and forum to spread their hatred. They must not be tolerated.