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Mike Blevins

Michael Herbert Blevins
Home BaseSarasota, FL
AKAVonbluvens, "Herbie"
Published ByOPP HQ
Published On06 September 2004

We preface this entry with one suggestion: do not take this guy seriously. Michael Blevins begged us for years to give him an entry, but we never considered him relevant before. No one ever talked about him, gave him props, nothing, despite having an internet radio program for a few years now. Well, when he hooked up with National Socialist Movement, he started getting a little play, but truth be told, he is a little weasel that just wants attention and can't back up anything he says.

Blevins goes by the handle "Vonbluvens", and his radio program The Vonbluvens Show broadcasts from the internet. On it, he and every now and then his buddy Michael "Doc" Schneider go on the usual WP rants about how bad everyone but white people are and why Jews are to blame for all of their problems. You would think that for all of their shit talking they would have something of their own to back their shit up, but alas, they are also more of the same worthless scumbags who have a whole lot of personal baggage that ultimately they blame everyone else for. Schneider for example is a guy reportedly pretending to be a priest, that did time for petty larceny and currently lives in a boarding house in Roanoke. Blevins reportedly lived in the same boarding house and it was when he was there that he started his radio show. We went to that boarding house and found a note on the door listing a number of people who are no longer allowed on the premises. Blevins' name is among them. We are still trying to find out why that's the case. He eventually moved to Sarasota, Florida, and June married a woman named Bernadette Heikkila and moved into her home- who runs a day care center from her home, which causes more than its share of heartache for folks.

Citizens Against Hate gave Heikkila a lot of it when they made that little fact known! For the most part he was following Bill White around these days. First he followed him into the National Socialist Movement (NSM), and when Bill was kicked out of that group, he went with him and now is in Bill's new group. These days, he really just keeps his head down for the most part, but he still has the radio show.

All talk, no action, but lots of laughs. We basically give him grief by posting on his blog, but we frazzled him so much he first didn't allow comments, then he gave up the blog altogether!

Like we said, do not take this guy seriously.