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Morris Gulett

Morris Lynn Gulett
Morris Lynn Gulett
Home BaseLouisiana
Published ByOPP HQ
Published On13 March 2004

There is one character coming from within the ranks of Aryan Nations that seemed to go underreported, even though he seemed to be everywhere. That changed when the SPLC made him one of their 40 to watch in 2004.

His name is Morris Gulett and as is the case of pretty much most of the idiots in this camp, he is a trash talking ex-con that never seems to back up the crap he says. To be honest, although we write a lot about Aryan Nations, since they lost much of their strength in the lawsuit back in 2000, they are simply an annoyance, pathetic and rather boring. It does not mean that the people among them do not warrant attention, however, because you just never know what they might pull off.

It should be noted that things have been rather odd with Aryan Nations going haywire and breaking off into factions. Gulett is noted in an ADL report as a former AN member (although some have suggested he was not really a member, just wanted to be), forming something called The Church of the Sons of Yahweh with Ray Redfeairn. Redfeairn was the National Director of Aryan Nations after they bounced out their founder, the going, going?, not gone yet Dick Butler. That started the split, but then Redfeairn had a rift with the new faction and went back to the Butler camp. It is unclear if this new Church is affiliated with Butler & Co. Redfaeirn ran the Dayton, OH side of the Church while Gulett handled things from Louisiana. Redfeairn eventually went running back to Butler, then in 2003 dropped dead.

The two did a online radio show where, according to that ADL report they address the questions that are on everyone's mind (we're being sarcastic here, folks) such as "Does Yahweh (God) demand genocide?" These two jokers adopted a belief in something called the Phinehas Doctrine that basically answers yes to that question.

According to the Bible, Phinehas was the grandson of Moses' brother Aaron who took a javelin and, just like a scene in Friday the 13th Part 2, shish-kabobed an Israelite named Zimri and a Midiantish woman named Cozbi while they were having sex, turning back the plague imposed by God upon the Children of Israel (Numbers 25:1-18, if you are interested).

Those who follow the Phinehas Doctrine use this passage in the Bible to justify genocide against people of color, Jews and those who would associate with them. The anti-abortion/anti-gay Army of God is also loaded with characters that go this route, one of them Paul Hill, who was until recently on Florida's Death Row for murdering an abortion doctor and his escort (he has since been taken off Death Row - upon his execution in 2003). It has been noted on this website and by more legitimate circles of faith that those that do this are calling God a liar, for they are killing or advocating the killing of people for sins Christ was supposed to have died for already.

Gulett in Vietnam, 1974.
Gulett in Vietnam, 1974.

Gulett started off as a disciple of Redfaeirn and was living in Ohio for a time. He must have been a hell of a student because just as his mentor did time from 1979 to 1991 for shooting a cop, he found himself locked up for the charge of assaulting a police officer - with his van! In March 1997, Gulett rammed a police cruiser during a chase following an attempt to pull him over for going the wrong way down a one-way street, according to the Militia Watchdog website. Gulett claimed he drove away because he did not have a drivers' license and he "was just in one of those moods." That "mood" netted him a guilty plea on a aggravated assault charge and a year in jail.

While awaiting trial for that charge, Gulett claimed that he was not segregated from black inmates. At the time he was a "head individual of the Aryan Nation in the metropolitan Dayton" area - as well as a "ranking member" of the organization for Ohio, something he claimed jail officials should have known. He also claims that those black inmates knew, and it was why he found himself the recipient of a severe beating that left him with a broken nose, ruptured eardrum and busted lip. In June 2002, while not admitting any liability or wrongdoing Montgomery County, Ohio, avoided a $5 million lawsuit and agreed to pay Gulett $30,000 for this.

Gulett crops up every now and them. In September 2003, he had a piece on his website calling for us to be shot should we rally outside the home of racist radio talk-shit host Hal Turner, a rally that was prevented from happening by police. Before that, he made an appearance in Mississippi, when 21-Jason Whitfield protested against that state's flag, which has the Confederate Battle Flag incorporated into it. Needless to say, Gulett was not there to support Whitfield in his protest. Whitfield should not be concerned, however. Just like much of Aryan Nations, even the splinters are just trying to stay alive. They will fail miserably.