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Paul Weyrich

Paul Weyrich
Paul Weyrich.jpg
Paul Weyrich
Political partyRepublican Party (United States)
Home BaseUSA
Published ByOne Peoples Project
Published OnThursday, 25 August 2005
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You might want to consider this a placeholder until we rewrite this entry. This is one of the original Rogues' Gallery entries from 1997, and we need to beef it up a bit. After all, this is the guy who came up with the name Moral Majority for Jerry Falwell's long defunct group! He also founded the Heritage Foundation (with beer money--Coors underfunded the startup--thus questioning the validity of their moral crusade) and the right-wing America's Voices television station (formerly NET), which operated under his Free Congress Research and Education Foundation. That cable channel went belly up in 1998, making room for another right-wing station, the Faux News Channel, which started up in 1996. Hardcore Christian Reich, he sees current social trends against his brand of religion as "an attempt to prevent souls from reaching eternal salvation." In that spirit, he has gone after the courts, charging that judges have used their position to create "new, previously unknown, constitutional 'rights'", and has been a pro-censorship advocate. "We are talking about Christianizing America.," he said once. "We are talking about spreading the Gospel in a political context. "He once staged a boycott of the US Army until the Pentagon banned Wiccans from all installations, saying tolerating the Wiccan faith is "a direct assault on the Christian faith that generations of American soldiers have fought and died for..."