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Peter Brimelow

Peter Brimelow
Peter Brimelow
Born13 October 1947
Warrington, Lancashire, England
EducationBachelor of Arts (University of Sussex), MBA (Stanford University)
Alma materUniversity of Sussex
EmployerPacific Research Institute for Public Policy (PRI)
Home BaseWashington, CT
Address123 Painter Ridge Rd, Washington, CT 06793-1710
Phone(860) 868-0182
Published ByOPP HQ
Published On12 March 2004

Peter Brimelow is a key figure behind the racist, white supremacist movement to rid America of anyone who is not white. Although he is not publicly well-known as some notorious right-wing racists (Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, or David Duke), Peter Brimelow is indeed a prominent figure among a secluded, extreme right-wing, racist faction of America. He works diligently, both publicly and behind the scenes, to spread his racist agenda to mainstream America.

Peter Brimelow started his writing career as a conservative columnist for Forbes and the National Review around 1990. His primary theme was bashing on immigrants, and suggesting ways to reduce and even end immigration in America. Because most of the new immigrants were not white like him, and his affiliation with white separatist groups, Brimelow became popular among various factions of right-wing racists, xenophobes, and white supremacists and separatists.

While vigorously fighting for the anti-immigration platform for many years, the most hypocritical part is that Peter Brimelow is an immigrant himself from England. That's right, born and raised in England, moved to Canada and became a naturalized Canadian, then moved to the United States and became a naturalized American citizen. So how could an immigrant himself be such a staunch anti-immigrant? Simple, Peter Brimelow is a racist who is against the non-white immigrants, and wants to rid America of anyone who is not white like him.

His first major book which brought him publicity and notoriety was 'Alien Nation: Common Sense About America's Immigration Disaster', published in 1995. In the book, Brimelow lives up to the last sylable of his surname. when he openly declares the 1965 Immigration Act as "Adolf Hitler's posthumous revenge on America." Going further, he calls for America to maintain a "link by blood" (that is, a link by blood to the white race). He continues rambling throughout the book, blaming both legal and illegal immigrants for every bad aspect on America, whether it be crime, poverty, unemployment, recession, etc..., while deliberately omitting any positive contribution any non-white immigrant made to America.

Alien Nation turned out to be a falsified book filled with bogus statistics and references to biased right-wing racists and organizations. The 1965 Immigration Act was designed to give immigrants all around the world a fair chance to enter America, because previously immigration policy pre-1965 was heavily favoring immigrants from Northern and Western Europe, while severely limiting or excluding immigrants from elsewhere around the world. But for a pathological racist like Peter Brimelow and his deep affiliation to racist organizations, his idea of "Common Sense" policy is to stop anyone who is not white from entering America.

Another note about Alien Nation. Amazon shows people who read Alien Nation also read books from racist xenophobes like Pat Buchanan and Jared Taylor.

Peter Brimelow became a prominent figure in spreading his anti-immigration and racist policies to mainstream America. He helped elect Tom Tancredo (R-Colorado), perhaps the most vociferous politician dedicated to ending all immigration in America, to Congress in 1998. Brimelow continues to contribute and work for many right-wing organizations designed to keep America more white.

Brimelow's next major step was creating the racist, fascist internet publication, VDare in 2000. As president of the Center for American Unity (CFAU), Brimelow started and became the main editor and major contributor of VDare.com, to spread its message of anti-immigration (xenophobia) and white supremacy to the world. VDare has become a haven for many racists obsessed with ridding America of all non-white people, providing paychecks and media outlets for racists like Steve Sailer, Sam Francis, his brother John Brimelow, Joe Guzzardi, and racist guest writers like Taylor, John Derbyshire, and Jon Entine.

Oh yeah, while Brimelow and the VDare crew are whining and lying about taxpayer money being spent on immigrants, they forget to mention that CFAU and VDare is playing a major tax fraud scheme themselves, by labeling themselves as a non-profit organization to avoid paying taxes, and to give tax breaks to its contributors. VDare remains aggressive in its approach to generate revenue and employ their racist staff.

This is the man dedicated to keeping America white, even though white Americans were immigrants themselves at one time. A fascist who promotes his white supremacy policy of belligerent nationalism and racism, and who even quotes perhaps the world's most heinous fascist himself (Adolf Hitler), Peter Brimelow's days of racist ideology are about to be confronted by the rest of us with full force.