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Richard Lindstrom

Richard Lindstrom
Richard Lindstrom
Home BaseWest Milford, NJ
Address586 Macopin Rd
West Milford, NJ 07480-3903 (Owns and runs Greiner Roofing Company out of his home)
Phone(973) 697-9369
AKABjarni (on Stormfront)
Published ByOPP HQ
Published On30 August 2005

You just never know who might be working on your house, especially in the state of New Jersey. It is like most of the Nazis we find here are all in construction. Many of the A.C. Skins work in construction, Moreland Huber formerly of National Alliance, now National Vanguard owns a construction company, and Rich Lindstrom, they guy we have here, owns and runs Greiner Roofing Company from his home in West Milford.

If you want to get your antifa on in New Jersey, chances are Lindstrom will provide you with ample opportunity because he is always trying to do one thing or another, and he has a devil of a time keeping us away when we want to show up. Hell, he can't even keep us from the National Vanguard meeting place!

Lindstrom was a bonehead in the late 80s/early 90s. It was around this time he got his first bit of notoriety. One day he was compelled to stick a National Alliance sticker on a traffic sign in his hometown of West Milford - and in true "this is why we call them boneheads" fashion, right in front of a policeman. He was charged under the Ethnic Terrorism Act that was signed into law in New Jersey in 1981 by then-Gov. Brendan T. Byrne, but was struck down by the state Supreme Court thirteen years later.

Lindstrom was facing 3-5 years for his little stunt, but according to him, after some legal wrangling and a lot of legal bills, he got off with just a fine. For the past decade his thing has been to simply do his thing with the National Annoyance, and his activities have been to stage under-the-radar type stunts, be they your typical flyering neighborhoods with White Power bullshit, or fundraisers for neo-Nazis who get locked up. Those can often be found at the J.O.U.A.M. Hall in Elmwood Park, NJ, which has been a meeting place for the National Annoyance for years.

He is especially into Kevin Alfred Strom, who was the right hand man of William Pierce, the founder of the NA. When Pierce became a corpse back in 2002, there was a lot of turmoil regarding the leadership, and in 2005 it culminated in Strom and much of the NA bolting to form National Vanguard. Lindstrom, who was the Northeast Coordinator of the National Alliance, and with his lips planted firmly on Strom's ass, was among those who split. The J.O.U.A.M. Hall was part of the deal apparently. Lindstrom confirmed to us in June 2005 that it was indeed now a National Vanguard meeting place.

But Lindstrom, being someone who works in a field where he needs manual labor, he might have put himself in a very curious position if one is to believe some posts found on the internet. In many of his posts, he has complained about illegal immigrants. One post in September of last year, just after Hurricane Ivan, he wrote about the opportunities in the construction business for anyone willing to work - particularly white men.

   "Up here in NJ, we got enough work from Ivan to keep us busy 'til the snow falls," he wrote "Yet, many able-bodied White men have let this opportunity pass down to the eager (but terribly unskilled) illegal invaders lining New Jersey's streets everyday." 

In another post just over a year before that one, he wrote that they should never

   "abandon any field (of work) to non-whites." 

Well, according to some folks who have been bitching about him on the Resistance Records discussion board, Lindstrom is helping that along! Lindstrom hires so-called "illegal invaders" for his company's projects, making him yet another hypocrite on the right that slams immigration, but does everything they can to benefit from it. Now Resistance is owned by the National Annoyance, which of course is the group Lindstrom deflected from, so there is a lot of animosity going back and forth between him and the folks on that board, and we should keep that in mind. Lindstrom has yet to answer the charge. If it is true, it will be just another "this is why we call them boneheads" moment for him.