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Roy Frankhouser

Roy Frankhouser
Roy Frankhouser
Home BaseReading, PA
Address135 S. 4th St., Reading, PA
Published ByOPP HQ
Published On13 March 2004

Former Grand Dragon of a Pennsylvania Klan outfit, and self-styled agent of the Klan Bureau of Investigation is connected to Dick Barrett. Contrary to the assertions of Morristown Mayor John "Jay" Delaney when we promoted the One People's Rally in 2000, no flyer or publication has ever said that Barrett was a Klan member. We have however said that there was a connection and that is important to note since Barrett tries to make public disassociations from himself and the Klan. Now that this lie is exposed, we need to see what kind of person this one is.

Frankhouser is a vet in White Supremacist politics. He is listed in the Encyclopedia of the Ku Klux Klan (yes, there is such a thing) as an FBI informant, and has told other racists that he is indeed an informant, but that he only supplies insignificant information. He says he then funnels the money the FBI gives him into his racist activities.

Frankhouser was also identified recently in Newark, NJ when the People's Organization for Progress held a Confederate flag burning on June 17, 2000. Frankhouser and other associates reportedly were in a nearby parking lot taking pictures from a van as the rally was taking place.