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Scott Belk

Scottland (Scott) Kevin Belk
Home BaseMonroe, NC
Published ByOPP HQ
Published On29 April 2004

Scott Belk loves us "hate haters". That's the term he used for us when he emailed us about various things, notably the rallies that take place in the Carolinas, where he is known to attend. Belk is not one of the brightest bulbs in the WP scene, but he was one of the most active. His name cames up a lot, especially on Stormfront, where he was RevBelk. He's not going to be heard much from anymore, though. Scott is currently serving a 15-year term in one of North Carolina's penal facilities for killing his mother. How he and his wife tried to get away is even worse. They pretended they were Hurricane Katrina victims and people raised money for them to get a bus ticket to Washington State where they got an apartment for free. That's right. He only got 15 years.

Here's what we know about this guy. Belk is an ex-con with a short fuse that has been in jail before. He was arrested for assault (one person was left permanently disfigured by this guy), and in 1998 served time in prison for bank robbery. While there, he was with the Aryan Brotherhood (he has their tattoo on his right forearm), then spent two and a half years with the World Church of the Creator. In fact, he was Matt Hale's personal "Church Correspondent", an ordained minister, their North Carolina state leader and on their college of electors. He was released in 2001 and in 2002 he stepped down after a heated argument with Hale. He still maintains ties to WCOTC, which we can confirm with emails to us signed by him as "RevBelk NC-WCOTC". That means he could be hit up on that $200,000 fine the church owes, to the church that actually owns that name. The lawsuit that this church filed and won states that any member of the WCOTC at that time is liable, so how much would you like to bet that he will distance himself? In addition to those ties, he also maintains his ties to Aryan Brotherhood and also keeps company with Odinists (he has a tattoo of the odinist "valknot" on his left inside wrist), National Alliance and is currently with the Cleveland (TN) Ku Klux Klan. You will be here forever if you try to understand how he is able to combine Christian Identity (the religion of the Klan), Odinism and so-called "creativity", so don't try. It just looks like he's grasping at straws here.

He had been seen at National Alliance events as well as the rallies in the Carolinas, and he would always hit us up encouraging us to come out. He used to live in Marshville, NC, but currently lives in Monroe, the town where the local NAACP led by Robert F. Williams chased the Klan out of town with guns back in the fifties. Now if that could happen in the fifties, how is the Klan these days going to be a threat?

In 2004, we wrote in this entry, "Given his penchant to fly off the handle and do stupid things, we have no doubt that the self-destructive Belk will be a non-issue soon enough." Damn it all if we weren't on the mark. In October 2005, Scott gets into a heated argument with his mother, Margarette Moser Kalinoski, 55. It ended with Scott beating her to death with an aluminum baseball bat. He and his wife Rhonda then stole a freight truck from his employer and fled to Gainsville, Texas. Claiming to be a pastor and wife that were victims of Hurricane Katrina, they went to a church group who helped them by getting bus tickets for them. They traveled to Seattle, Washington, and after posing again as Katrina victims, scored a free apartment. Police snatched them up in that apartment. Scott pled guilty on April 5, 2007 to second-degree murder. At the time of this writing, Rhonda, who is charged with being an accessory after the fact of murder, has not yet been arraigned.