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Sharon Hutchinson

Sharon Hutchinson
Home BaseMay's Landing, NJ
Published ByOPP HQ
Published On13 March 2004

We found out otherwise, but originally it was believed that she was the woman who drove author/mercenary/racist Tom Chittum to his aborted speaking engagement in Manville, NJ. Indeed, she holds similar beliefs of an inevitable race war as the writer of the book Civil War 2.

   " Put everything together, big and small--Seattle, Cincinnati, Jackson etc. etc., and yes, even places like Oldham in England--let's see these events for what they really are--the beginning of the great Race War that has been predicted by so many, including Thomas Chittum," she once wrote. "Folks, it has begun; these are the opening shots. And most Whites STILL are blissfully unaware. The battle lines are being drawn, and it will be bloody...we are in for a long, hot summer; a summer which will be the catalyst for the biggest and bloodiest confrontation this country has ever seen. Be prepared. I myself am ready to fight to the death, for if we lose, the world left behind will be one not worth living in."

She says she has been active for about six years, but she really started making her presence known recently, most notably on white racist discussion boards on the Internet and particularly on the Nationalist Movement's website. It is basically from there a lot of information on her was discovered. Summing it all up, we are certain of one thing:

She is a total and complete idiot.

To illustrate, let's take a look at her recent comments on the situation in Cincinnati where Officer Steven Roach, shot and killed unarmed 19-year-old Timothy Thomas, sparking a week of unrest in the city.

   "The papers showed a picture of the cop who got in hot water by shooting that nigger felon in Cincinnati (another one with a long rap sheet) with a dour expression on his face," she writes "Right next to it was a picture of the scumbag he shot dressed in his Sunday best, including suit and white bow tie. Like a dark angel. Why don't they print a picture of what the ape really looked like? The papers also conveniently left out that this creature was a known felon to the police and often carried a weapon. So the cops were already on the alert and watching this guy. The papers tried to make him look like a choirboy."

One major reason, Sharon, may be due to the fact that Thomas was NOT a felon and if she was looking for any mug shots (as another simpleton, William Pierce of the National Alliance, demanded to see published) there aren't any to speak of! If this woman stopped and actually looked at the facts instead of going off on her little racial tangent, she would have known that.

That is not the only time she commented without getting her facts straight. On the same site, she cries over the pictures posted there from Hal Turner's website allegedly depicting black men gang-raping a white girl. Without even questioning the validity of the pictures (even while evidence that has surfaced may suggest the pictures are actually from a porno), she says she is going to light a candle for this poor girl in the scenes, saying,

   "I think the White girls who are being brainwashed by MTV to love black men should see these pictures. I think you get the idea--like photos of South African atrocities, we already know what is going on." She also challenges those who are against her way of thinking to follow up on this "story". 

We did, and she, along with John Weiss, the author of the web page who posted the pics, should have as well. Then again, she is also the one who first brought up the One People's Rally on this particular page, saying,

   "A group called The One People's Project is coming out to counter the Nationalist Rally. The OPP White members should all get together and march in the black sections of Newark if they want to find out the wonders of true diversity."

Sharon, many of the "OPP White members" live in the black sections of Newark!

Saying she is from Mays Landing, NJ, she says she used to work for the Division of Youth and Family Services, New Jersey's equivalent of Child Protective Services (that had to be fun for those who had to rely on her for help). She is now on disability herself, so that means whenever she has to go get a check or do some other business she has to she has to do so in places that puts her in contact with a lot of non-whites. She bellyaches often about having to

   "listen constantly to the gibberish that passes for Spanish or a black woman screaming at her niglets that are jumping around like chimps." 

She talks often of her police officer brother named Mike who she says is "is one of us in a BIG way." That may prove interesting for police officers who work under him. When we last heard from Huchinson in Summer of 2001, he was getting ready to be promoted to Sergeant by the end of this year (he was an acting sergeant), and according to her is upset over the black and Latino cops turning in poorly written incident reports, and will rectify the situation when he takes over. Given her and allegedly her brother's way of thinking, it is doubtful that the charge is valid, and until Hutchinson can substantiate the claim with a little more to go on, it is going to be looked at as simply their way to stick it to the people of color she hates so much.

She considers it to be a "code red" situation in New Jersey because of Ex-Troopers Hogan and Kenna's actions on the New Jersey Turnpike where they fired upon a van they stopped injuring the black and Latino college students inside in what has put racial profiling in the national spotlight. She is very concerned about the ex-troopers being convicted, saying,

   "This would send a message to minorities that they not only rule in this state, but now have free rein to commit additional atrocities."

Now in the light of all of this concern for crime, what does her simple mind come up with as some solution?

In one post, she waxes poetic about the Mafia and calls for more neighborhoods to be controlled by the mob!

   "What we need are more Mafia neighborhoods--safest places in town," she wrote. "Can you imagine a nigger or spic getting smart with a made guy? BAD career move!" 

In other words, as long as crime is not committed by blacks or other people of color, it is going to get a pass from her. We can't WAIT to hear her explain this one!

Not exactly something one would expect to hear from a good Christian woman, is it? Well there is a reason for that; she isn't one! She gave up the faith at age 10 because she could not believe that a God would inflict so much suffering on his people. There is another reason though.

   "Notice how minorities especially are wrapped up in Christianity?" she writes. "I have been trying to figure out what aspects of the religion have the greatest appeal to them. Even bloody spic gang members have chosen the Madonna as their protectress! Can you imagine?? The Madonna is a beautiful image any way you look at it, and to use her by such evil animals is a total disgrace. Some even paint her image on their cars. It even offends me, and I'm no longer Christian."

Good news for the United Kingdom, though. Apparently Sharon does not like how many people of color there are these days in that country.

   "Wonder how Parliament would feel if I inform them that thanks to their multi-culturalist horror I will never, ever visit England again?" She wonders aloud. 

We bet it will probably be met with cheers of joy and dancing in the streets.