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Star Parker

Star Parker
Star Parker
Home BaseOrange County, CA, Washington, DC
Published ByOPP HQ
Published On13 March 2004

This woman has made a name for herself among the Right as a woman who was able to pull herself out of the welfare rolls into prosperity. However, listen to her speak and one could tell someone is pulling her strings. Hardly an independent thinker, she promotes the idea of personal reponsibility, yet during a speech the Saturday after the first OJ verdict, where she noted that whites called up her radio show with very racist comments, she blamed liberals and social programs for the week's events. Guess personal responsibility is good rhetoric but when conservatives are less than civil, they are not responsible, eh? She has also defended Joe McCarthy on Politically Incorrect, by saying the standard "we must understand how people felt at that time" line. Star, Star, Star. Understand that how they felt kept black people out of Orange County, CA where you live right now, and you want to encourage those feelings again. Comedian Jay Thomas on another Politically Incorrect episode pegged her right when he said she was a "technical Republican" with two sets of morals.

And this is all we have written on her since 2000. That because it has been a very long time since she mattered.