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Tom Chittum (INACTIVE)

Thomas W. Chittum
Chitttum tom.jpg
Thomas W. Chittum
Home BaseColorado Springs, CO
Published ByOPP HQ
Published On16 March 2004

Chittum was supposed to be the speaker at the Nationalist Movement's Awards Ceremony in Manville, NJ in October, 2000 until the VFW hall it was supposed to be in cancelled the event. He is referred to by some web pages as a "military analyst", and it is as this that he takes what is going on politically, economically and demographically to conclude that America is headed toward either becoming an imperialistic police stat in which there is little or no freedom or - more likely - collapsing into another civil war. This time however, he feels that this war will go along racial lines.

At first we thought he was just a guy who might have sympathized with the separatists and White Nationalists, as he is seen in the company of many of them such as Friends of the British National Party. In doing a little research on this guy however, we found this little passage from an article he wrote that was published March 7, 2000:

   "Fuck the red, white and blue imperial American rag flag, and I couldn't care less if that offends all the flag waving "patriots." I'm a secessionist and I'd rather pee on the imperial American rag flag than salute it. The "patriots" at World Net Daily and VCT can salute their rag flag all they want, that's for suckers. I didn't write my book to repair the Glorious Empire. I wrote my book to kill it and bury it's stinking carcass.
   It's about 3:00 AM Jersey time, and I'm drunk, and I'll doubtless regret the vulgar nature of this bit of writing tomorrow, but right now I feel just fucking fine. A urine-soaked death to the Glorious Empire!"

Oh he will regret it all right, because it spurred us on to find more on him! Behold yet another fine rant:

   [I] fought for a year under horrible conditions in Vietnam and now I come back here and I'm no longer American. I'm a white person. I don't have the same rights as these beautiful lovely minorities and I'm fed up. I want out of this mess.... I'm a European, and I'm proud of it. I have absolutely no intention of wearing some idiotic multi-colored robe, speaking Ebonics or sacrificing goats in my backyard. This assimilation idea is nonsense.... You can assimilate Europeans over here, but we can't assimilate 10, 20, 30 million Mexicans.

On the radio show that gave us that quote, Chittum, who as you may guess is a notorious drunk, also said that he agrees with the beliefs of Christian Identity that nonwhites are mistakes and Jews are Satan's people.

   "There are lots of disaffected people in America," he said. "I, myself, am disaffected. I don't have an American flag hanging in my home. I have a Confederate flag because as far as I'm concerned, the flag of the United States of America is the symbol of an empire that classes me, classifies me as a second-class citizen due to racist affirmative action, after I spent a year risking my life for the Vietnam War."

The Nationalist Movement (Dick Barrett's group, by the way) looks upon him as some hero carrying on his fight against other races on the "home front" by warning against the Balkanization of America. In truth he is pushing for a seperation, and is seen on a number of websites from Vanguard News Network, to one run by conspiracy crackpot Alex Jones, to Freak Republic. However, the latest article you can find online goes back to 2004, and his own website has been defunct for a while now.

Early in 2007, we received a call from someone who claims to know Chittum, and said he is no longer active. According to some of the sources that we have contacted, this may indeed be the case. He is currently living in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and reportedly he is keeping to himself these days.