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William Pierce(DECEASED)

William Luther Pierce
William Luther Pierce
Home BaseHillsboro, WV
GroupaffiliationsNational Alliance

American Nazi Party

Youth for Wallace/National Youth Alliance
Published ByOPP HQ
Published On13 March 2004

This is the man that most white racist idiots swore by. If it is on a white racist bent, chances are it has a William Pierce connection. Pierce was the head of the National Alliance, a white supremacist group based in West Virginia. Pierce, under the pen name Andrew MacDonald, was also the author of The Turner Diaries, a racist novel that many say inspired Tim McVeigh in his bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City. Pierce's influence is felt all over the country in every facet of white supremacist activism, whether it is David Duke's work (Duke's right hand man Bruce Alan Breeding, a/k/a Vince Edwards, runs the National Alliance in Tampa FL), music (Pierce bought Resistance Records from former RaHoWa lead singer George Burdi when he was facing legal troubles) and even mainstream politics (National Alliance members are among those of the Council of Conservative Citizens, a group that Rep. Bob Barr spoke before and who Senate Minority Leader Trent Lott and other politicians have strong ties to). It is said that Pierce was also a member of a prestigious country club in the Washington DC area called the University Club, however that has not been confirmed, and it may be possible that the Club has since expelled Pierce.

Pierce started his career in hate politics while he was an assistant professor of physics at Oregon State University in the early 1960s. There he briefly joins the John Birch Society, a popular group at the time for fascists.

George Lincoln Rockwell
George Lincoln Rockwell

By 1966 he was ready to join the American Nazi Party headed up by George Lincoln Rockwell, leaving a job as a senior research scientist at a aerospace firm in Connecticut to do so. It is at this time he started a rag called the National Socialist World as some sort of newspaper for the Nazis. The following year, Rockwell dismisses one of his lieutenants, John C. Patler after accusing him of pitting light-skinned whites against dark-skinned whites. In response, Patler puts an end to Rockwell's miserable life in an Arlington, Virginia as he was driving out of a shopping center parking lot. This is an opportunity for Pierce, who starts moving up the ranks. In 1968 he joins Youth for Wallace, and organization that supports George Wallace's run for the presidency.

Along with Pierce is Liberty Lobby's Willis Carto, and together they change Youth for Wallace into the National Youth Alliance in 1970, working under the mantra

   "Free men are not equal. Equal men are not free." 

They apparently felt that neither of them were each other's equal because a rift forms over who is going to be the leader, causing them to split. Pierce gains control of the group and the rift becomes a full-on feud, Carto accusing Pierce of stealing a Liberty Lobby mailing list, and Pierce writing those on the list to attack Liberty Lobby leaders.

By 1974, Pierce wants to expand the National Youth Alliance, whose membership is limited to people under 30 and whose activities are focused on college campuses. Pierce reorganizes the National Youth Alliance to the National Alliance, and the organizations goal is to be a vanguard party leading the "lemmings" to revolutionary victory. His self-termed "handbook for white victory", The Turner Diaries is published in 1978 which goes on to be the white racist's bible of sorts. It is so much so that a lumberjack named Robert Matthews, who is Pierce's Pacific Northwest leader, forms a group called the Order, which is based on the group of racist guerillas of the same name in The Turner Diaries.

This group goes on to rob $4 million from armored cars (which many believe but have never proved went into Pierce's pockets) and to killed Alan Berg, a popular Jewish-talk show host in Denver. Matthews is later killed in a shootout with FBI agents in Washington State, but the controversy never slows down Pierce.

Soon Pierce was looking for more legitimate way to make his group turn a profit. In 1987 the National Alliance purchases 100 shares of AT&T stock. With this they do fun things like make stockholder proposals calling for an end to business ties with Israel. The proposal go on to be voted down every year it comes up. Over the next few years, The National Alliance becomes a propaganda publishing mill, Pierce writing a second novel called Hunter which is about a racist assassin, and making cassette tapes of racist speeches. In December, 1991, American Dissident Voices, the National Alliance shortwave radio show begins, and in 1993 the group starts publishing New World Order Comix. It was not all roses and glory for Pierce, however.

In 1996 the Southern Poverty Law Center win an $85,000 judgment against him for his role in a scheme to keep Church of the Creator assets from the family of a murdered sailor named Harold Mansfield. The COTC tried to keep the family from collecting a $1 million judgment by transferring its assets to Pierce, and it did not work. It is also only a matter of time before hate crimes are directly tied to the National Alliance, and Pierce suffers the same fate as Richard Butler and Tom Metzger. Pierce still remained to the end just as much the racist moron he had always been, and considering how much money it has made him over the past few decades, there was no reason for him to quit.

On July 23, 2002, the devil said Pierce has done enough and called him home to Hell at 12:00 Noon.