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Bill White

William A. White
William A. White
Home BaseBldg. 101 Apt. 1 Summit Apartments, Summit Way (off Franklin Road) Roanoke, Va.
AKAKaiser Bill
Published ByOne People's Project
Published OnSunday, 14 March 2004
VehicleSilver Toyota Solara with Virginia License Plates: JXB 5595. Decal on rear bumper of an winged creature with a German saying and a National Alliance life rune in the center of the eagle (see pictures)

When we first met Bill White on 10 Nov 2001, it was at a rally put on by the National Annoyance outside the Israeli Embassy in Washington, DC. He said he was an anarchist although he wasn't a big fan of those demonstrating against the NA that day. That wasn't really a big deal. We figured it was the case of some leftists looking for different approaches. What we didn't know at the time was that anti-racists were very familiar with Mr. White long before we heard of him - and for them, that different approach was actually a third positionist stance. For those who don't know, being a third positionist means you will incorporate leftist/progressive ideals into the rightist/racist one you actually support in order to draw progressives into those rightist positions (White Aryan Resistance's Tom Metzger works this way). As we got to know White more, we realized that it isn't even that deep. We have updated this gallery entry many times over in a big way from when we first debuted it in Dec. 2001, but there are a few things we are keeping. One of them is this line: Bill White is not the most popular person in the world, particularly because he is seen as a self-serving basket case who is going to get some innocent people hurt if they do not know well enough to stay away from him.

Remember this about Bill: He will be, and has been whatever gets him attention. Being an asshole gets you the most attention, and as the biggest assholes in the world are Nazis, it is only natural that Bill will gravitate towards them. Since the first Rouge's Gallery entry, White has/had his hands in the Nazi cookie jar several times and in several ways all in relation to "The Movement" ranging from offering his "services" to the Creativity Movement (formally known as the World Church of the Creator) to claiming responsibility for the NA's current woes.

White first came on the scene with something he said he and a few friends founded in junior high school called the Utopian Anarchist Party (since when do anarchists form parties?) He got his fifteen minutes of fame with this group during the Columbine tragedy by reportedly saying the two shooters were part of a cell of his group and that there will be more shootings to follow. No one bought that. There has only been one other member that people have been able to confirm and that would be an individual named Luke who ran for office in Montgomery County, MD. On a "Abolish the drinking age" ticket! Without saying too much about him, Luke is a hardcore anti-racist, a real anarchist (unlike what Bill was) and good people. He has no further associations with Bill, and hasn't for years.

White grew up in Derwood, Maryland with his parents and two younger brothers. From what we can gather his crapola started at an early age, which is evidenced by his antics at the various schools he attended. One of them, Takoma Park Middle School, a gifted magnet school for math and science, is where his bizarre behavior first surfaced. White claims this is where he began to develop his radical political views in social studies class and asked to borrow books that his teacher had mentioned in class dealing with political or social upheaval. His teacher said that he would debate anything and everything all the while becoming more disruptive and aggressive in nature.

White then moved on to Montgomery Blair High School - well, for a while anyway. His aggressiveness progressed to his first physical confrontation with a female teacher, which landed him a 3-day suspension.

White's parents and the school system decided it would be best if he were to transfer to Col. Zadok Magruder High School where believe it or not, he was crowned homecoming prince. He was a hit with the students but the staff felt otherwise, seems he liked to throw smoke bombs into classrooms and was accused of insubordination.

He then transferred to Walt Whitman High School and graduated a year early, but not before he was voted "most likely to appear on Americas Most Wanted." After graduation, White went to Montgomery College for a year taking psychology courses then moved on to the University of Maryland. White expressed an interest in working with abnormal adolescents, but the fates were kind to those future teen as he dropped out of school just short of a degree. Then again, in a way he is working with them, looking at whatever followers he has. They always say birds of a feather flock together.

In 1996, White achieved his first real press coverage1 while at the University of Maryland when he posted on several Internet school groups that an Montgomery County woman was abusing her daughter and posted their home phone number encouraging everyone to call them to protest the alleged treatment. As one can imagine the family was extremely distraught by the calls, some of which were threatening. According to the family and the Montgomery County School District, the post was solely based on hearsay. White says that a friend told him of the girl's plight and he decided to act. The School District also says that the information, which was not all together true, came from a confidential counseling session for youths with severe emotional and social difficulties. Not surprising that White would have friends who were just as mentally unstable as he is.

June of 1996 proved to be an eventful time for White. Not only was he involved in an anarchist rally on the University of Maryland campus but he also managed to get himself arrested on a weapons possession charge2. White later tried to sue the officers involved, including the female police officer that he said ran away, for civil damages. What is not known by most is the fact he lost and the case was dropped as evidenced in court documents.

Fast forward to February 10, 1998, a year when White became more active. White shows up again, testifying against the purposed legislation regarding bomb threats to schools. "The youth of this state are angry," he said. "They are angry they are being oppressed by the government of this state. If you continue to clamp down on young people in the state, young people will continue to fight against you." Later that month, at an anti-war protest in late February, White burns the American flag in front of the White House. This was also the year that White throws his hat into the political ring for the first time running for Montgomery County School Board3. As you can probably guess, he lost that election placing seventh with 4,253 votes.

Whites next big hoopla in the media was the aforementioned Columbine tragedy in 1999. He particularly praised Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the two Columbine shooters, on his website4. White's last hurrah of 1999 came in the form of another attempt at the Montgomery County School Board when an incumbent declined to run for re-election. Again, he lost5 6 7.

Later, Since White was such a failure at gaining office twice, he decided that he would try to help others get elected. In comes Brian D. Saunders. Saunders was running for Congress in Maryland's 8th District under the Constitution Party ticket. His choice of campaign consultant, Bill White more than likely sealed his fate even though he was just as bad as White in his view of the world. Of course, he lost.

In April of 2001, White emerged once again to be a pain in the ass. The "cause"? Montgomery County officials were debating a bill that would ban all county funding to facilities that have gun shows. What did White do? Well he joined the Tyranny Response Team8.

Eventually White handed over the Utopian Anarchist Party to someone else and started the Libertarian Socialist News, through which a barrage of anti-Semitic "news reports" is written and published by him. Much of the attacks are focused on hatemongering from Jewish people as well as the overreaching influence he perceives they have on society. His approach however, comes with a hatemongering routine on his part. Take for example how he dealt with the controversy in 2001 surrounding the Kensington, Md. holiday display, where Jewish residents had requested that a menorah be added to Town Hall's front lawn, as each year, there is a tree-lighting event where Santa comes out to light the tree. In October of that year, the town council voted unanimously to honor firefighters, police officers, first-responders and postal workers by making them the focus of their annual tree-lighting event, but with the outcry from the Jewish community, they reached a compromise that also disinvited Santa altogether, making it a total patriotic event. A controversy ensued, the debate between sides taking on the "political correctness gone awry" fervor in the news. At the tree lighting, White decided to go that extra mile and raised a banner at the ceremony that read, "If Jews Can Ban Santa, Why Can't We Ban Jews?" Needless to say, that pissed people off9.

Now this was at the time White was saying he wasn't anti-Semitic, and this would come despite comments from him that would say otherwise! "I do not like Semitic culture -- meaning Judaism and all its heresies, from Christianity to neo-conservatism to secular liberalism," he noted on an Internet discussion board. "Semitic egalitarian nihilism is consumed with a will to destruction, and are undermining and destroying Western individualism."

"I used to be a radical far-left anti-racist activist," White continued. "I was big into Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, and all the standard leftist dogma. What I came to realize is that these doctrines are not doctrines of change, but doctrines of destruction and hatred. Eventually, I have come to realize that these, and others, are Jewish doctrines that were created with no intention of them actually representing truth, but merely as an attack on non-Jewish people. As such, they are evil."

Again, he was saying he wasn't anti-Semitic at the time. This was also a time where he still tried to suggest he was a leftist. Yeah, right.

"I personally don't like most leftist activists as people -- they are usually neurotic, confused, and psychologically damaged, which explains the hate they spew everywhere, he wrote. "In contrast, I find that most right-wing leaning activists, though obviously not all, are more pleasant, more intelligent, more personally successful, and more interested in truth over substance."

Spoken like a true Nazi. Everything he said was the exact thing that white supremacists say to justify themselves. Even his position on African-Americans (he says he is anti-racist, and think blacks have the same potential for civilized behavior as whites--implying African-Americans are not civilized) is on the same page as the Nazis he loves to hang with.

White's anti-Semitism was all too apparent too begin with, even with his praise of columnist Joseph Sobran, whose disdain for Jews is all too known. White's stance on Jews is enough for him to win the affections of the National Alliance, for whom he has written recently some rather glowing articles of the white supremacist organization (while saying he does not endorse them), as well as go after groups that have opposed them. Yes, that has included us, and in an interesting way. When we posted the entry of former NA organizer Erica Hardwick, it ended up the topic of an article that transposed comments to suggest we advocated the assault on her a few months ago. White has been on our ass ever since. Referring to us as a group that "formed out of the coalition that fought against (our italics) Dick Barrett's right to speak at the courthouse in Morristown, New Jersey." That little snipe (it was against Barrett and what he believes in, not his right to speak) was rather curious to us, and it prompted us to do some digging. One of the things we felt we needed to omit from this update was our long-standing suggestion that White and Hardwick were romantically linked. The truth was they were just friends. In fact, his friends these days seem to almost exclusively come from the WP circles. Among them, Billy Roper. When Roper was removed as NA Deputy Membership Coordinator, he started another group called White Revolution. Bill White maintained his friendship with Roper and then started using his website to take smear NA's current leadership.

Understand that even among those who would somewhat support him, White's website Overthrow.com is not seen as a reliable source of information. Recently, Hardwick commented on White, and in particular his website. The comments are particularly interesting:

"Bill has the tendency to publish whatever it is that he hears. If someone sends him information that is juicy gossip, up on LSN it goes. It is a gossip column, not a news page. If someone feeds him a line of shit, I think that his readers should blame the source rather than Bill. If any evidence comes to light that the stuff he prints is false or untrue, Bill is pretty good about refuting his statements. He doesn't purposely mislead anyone."

Gossip column, eh? In other words, even his then-good friend Erica was telling folks not to take him seriously. We can attest to the thing about refuting statements too. Right after we sicced lawyers on him once, he did just that. Unfortunately that doesn't mean it will stop him from trying to put out things that are just outright lies. He is pissed at DLJ because of us siccing our lawyers on him, and he has decided that instead of saying that DLJ is gay (which he is not), he will just imply that he is periodically. That put him in another actionable position recently, because he recently wrote an article stating that DLJ has been requesting nude photos of him! Needless to say, no request was ever made.

In 2002, White began a long-time-coming downward spiral. First, he called himself an independent candidate for the Maryland State Legislature. He lost. Then White started pissing of the National Alliance, Creatards, and just about every WN group out there. Why?

For starters,

1. WPs don't like to have their identities exposed, which White has done on many occasions. 2. His campaign to bring the National Alliance down, which we have no problem with by the way, he is making our work a whole lot easier that's for sure. 3. The Back stabbing and deceitful nature that is Bill White to attempt to "take over the world at any cost" garners him absolutely no trust aside from the completely stupid who take his word as gospel. For example there was ShopWhite, and the supposed theft of credit card numbers by a National Alliance member not to mention how he came about to own that in the first place. White, according to another WP, pretty much stole that and the VNNForums.

Then there was the drama of White's move to Defiance, Missouri. We joked about him saying that it was for love, but apparently it was. Bill hooked up with Jennifer Adams, the ex-lay of Shane McCormick of Midland Hammerskins who used to run the now-defunct Hammerskin Press. Once Bill made it out to the Show Me State however, fate showed him a slap in the face?and a punch in the eye?and a few other injuries that were detailed, by him on his website when he says he was attacked by her one night. "She attacked me like a wild animal," he wrote. "I was sitting at my computer and she burst into the room and pounced on me. Then she ripped the cords to my computer out of the wall, and then she jumped on me and tried to rip my computer off of my desk. Then she started hitting me -- and she was not holding back." One other account has him beating her up, but yet ANOTHER account has her beating herself up to make it look like he did! "I have never had a woman treat me like this, and like Chris Rock and OJ, I'm starting to understand," he wrote.

It gets better. Bill says he moved out of the house they lived in (he says he bought the house and moved her in, so why did HE leave and let her have it?) and found a new place. Then he wrote that the hard drive of the computer he left behind was stolen, giving us more drama between him and his girlfriend. Enter the lawsuit that he files against her to retrieve his stuff.10 White says that he had to file a lawsuit against her and she failed to show. The comedy continued as he offered $100 which was later raised to $250 for anyone who can tell him her whereabouts. Recently there was a post on White's site claiming that he was going to be a father and would be shutting down his website. This notice was immediately followed by a marriage proposal via his website to Adams, who seems to be in "hiding" of sorts. There was some chatter amongst people in Arizona that people were asking folks in Arizona about her. She was at Aryan Fest which was held there in January 2004, but no one has been able to put a finger on her location since.

During all of this, rumblings are posted on the Vanguard News Network forum that all of the things he says about himself are phony carpings of someone who wants attention. He dismisses it as "the usual nonsense-- that I'm 'secretly' broke, that I don't really own a house, that I borrow all my money from my parents," but the fun part to us is when he links to an online abstract of the home he is selling. It is the same address we have posted here, but at the time he dismissed it as being bogus information. It's sure nice to have that bit of info confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt now. Thanks, Bill!

Bill, who by now has turned his website into an "all about me and my troubles" blog, recently wrote that Secret Service agents raided his home, some property he says he owns in Missouri, and his parents place because Adams called police saying he made threats against the President. Nothing seems to have come from this, but then again, the only place one would find this information is on Bill White's site - which means it might not have actually happened. We will see if something develops. Meanwhile Bill is getting another bit of notoriety. He is listed in the Southern Poverty Law Center's Intelligence Report as one of 40 hatemongers to watch. Upon seeing this, he dismisses the SPLC by saying that "the silly and petty communist rhetoric coming out of their Intelligence Report is turning them into the running joke of not only the news media that once saw them as a reliable source, but the political halls of Washington, DC as well." He then proceeds to post other articles from that same edition as a reliable source in stories about other hatemongers. In 2004, a website called the Nationalist Enquirer (the title of which is a reference made in this entry) debuted. Basically it is a site trying to pattern itself after the Rogues' Gallery, focusing on WPs and providing their info to the reader. It is still a racist site, but it just singles out those racists that the webmaster is not too fond of for one reason or another. For good measure, there are shots taken at antifa as well, but not too many. It is believed that White is the webmaster, but he says he has nothing to do with the site, even though they share web hosting and goes after the same people Bill White hates. As of May 2004, the domain name was acquired by Bill White. "This move was made after the registrar GoDaddy.com, which is not white- friendly, announced it would terminate proxy services for the domain," White wrote. "Had White Politics, Inc. (White's "company"), not purchased the name, the site-publisher's personal information would have become public record."


In 2004, Bill has really been causing trouble for a lot of good people and it is part of the things that may bring him down. It was on his site where he first spoke of his "Ghetto Beautification Project". Bill moved to Roanoke, Va. late 2003 which might have been prompted by his infatuation with Erica Hoesch, who although was from there, wasn't there at the time. Earlier, he wrote an piece on his website proclaiming his love for her, which creeped her out and killed their friendship. Once in Roanoke, he started to purchase rental properties in the black community there. According to articles that he has since removed from his site, he intended to evict black and multiracial tenants out of their homes, some of them section 8, and create an all-white community in its place. He has indeed started putting this in motion. We are not talking about people who have antagonized him in the least bit. Real people are being hurt. Those he has evicted are poor people who do not have the means to fight him. Once they started to stand up against him, White initiated a series of criminal charges and lawsuits against them and pretty much like the stories on his website, none of them rooted in any fact, all done without burden of proof being a requirement. One of the people he went after was Erica, who by this time had renounced her neo-Nazi beliefs and activity and begun working with OPP. In fact, it was from her that we found out what Bill was up to, and she wanted to alert that community as well. She was physically attacked by him when he saw her and a friend pass out flyers letting people know about his history and what his intentions might be. For some reason, he thought he could get away with saying that she was the one who attacked him, charging her with assault and also with tresspassing because she went to visit a tenant of his and he feels that because he owned the property, he can bar tenants from having certain guests. He also charged the tenant with harboring a trespasser. That didn't fly in court and the charges were thrown out. Bill meanwhile was convicted of assault and also of contempt after pissing the judge off in the courtroom with his yelling and profanity. Later, because of some confusion, when he went to appeal the charge it was dismissed, and he began crowing about that on his site, but the reason why this happened was because Erica was not in court thinking she was supposed to be there on another date. The continuance was filed the prior week, but it did not reach the court by the time White's appearance that Monday. Currently it looks like the charge will be reinstated. It should be noted that White is known for going after people in the courts this way, but out of the numerous suits he has filed, he has only won two cases - now three - all by default. This is a story has played out in the local news media for over two months. Local newspapers and television outlets were there on July 17, 2004 when we held a public meeting at a library in Roanoke to rally the community. Bill, in what had to be the funniest episodes in this entire situation, immediately published an article afterwards saying how he "just got back" from the meeting. Folks, he wasn't there.

In 2005, Bill finally managed to get himself some attention, even though he is still ultimately a nobody. Bill always prided himself in being someone who was not a member of any group, but the National Socialist Movement (NSM) was probably the only group in or out of the WP scene that a) would have him and b) let him do whatever he wanted to do, considering how much of a structural and laughable mess they were in the first place. The NSM by this time was the only WP group that was doing rallies because since in recent years, it has been harder and harder for those in the WP scene to be a prominent figure and not get your teeth kicked in by employers, law enforcement or antifa. Since the NSM are a group of individuals who were at the bottom of the social ladder to begin with, there is nothing for anyone to take from them. Bill fit right in.

The Sept. 25, 2004 NSM rally in Valley Forge, Pa. spooked the NSM because of the asswhipping the assorted antifa handed them during the event, so much so that the next rally they held in June 25 in Yorktown, Va. was arraigned so that antifa and Nazis were kept 200 yards away from each other. Interestingly enough, Bill's had never made it to another rally since the Jan. 12, 2002 outing in York, but with all the police protection and the guarantee that no one that wanted a piece of him would even be close, he came to this. Since then, Bill started showing up at more and more rallies, which more and more shit-talking on Overthrow. It wasn't long before he announced that he was not only a new member of the NSM, but the head of its Roanoke chapter and the NSM's official spokesperson. Now with all the rallies, the NSM started getting the attention of the media, and when producers of the television program A Current Affair wanted to do a story on the NSM, their leader Jeff Schoep directed them to Bill White. They looked into Bill's background, saw the fun crap that had been going on for the past nine years, and their focus switched from the NSM to Bill. They taped interviews with him, his former tenants, Erica Hardwick, and DLJ in September 2005. If his ego wasn't inflated enough by all this attention, it pretty much was about to burst when a month later, just before the show as slated to air, the NSM with him more or less running the show, held a rally in Toledo, Ohio. It was promoted as a response to black gang violence in a racially mixed neighborhood, and when the NSM made their appearance, they goaded the crowd with dares, insults and threats, and the result was a full-scale riot where counterdemonstrators clashed with police for hours. Property was destroyed, and over 100 arrests were made. The NSM meanwhile fled the scene just as things got hot, and Bill was all over the news.

Like a heroin addict, Bill needs his media attention fix after being hooked up big time with Toledo. To that end there has been numerous rallies sponsored by the NSM in the last few months, including another trip to Toledo in December 2005, and the NSM has participated in rallies put on by others like fellow media whore Hal Turner, and has sabotaged events put on by right-wingers simply by showing up in their Nazi uniforms. That is what happened when Bill and two others appeared at a February 2006 rally put on by the Minuteklan Project. They came to protest the Minuteklan saying they were not racist enough, and their appearance drew reporters away from Jim Gilchrist, who was speaking as they arrived, to Bill and his buddies.

Along with this activity, there is also attention given to us, especially since the NSM with Bill as their mouthpiece and his friend Mike Blevins] ("Vonbluvens") running their internet radio outlet keeps blaming us for everything that happens to them. They even blamed us for the riot in Toledo, saying outright that we provided the eggs and rocks to those that threw them at the police. Considering that OPP's only representation was a nondescript 50-year-old man taking notes, that's one hell of a feat on our part!

Besides Bill & Co. promoting us, there was something else that is scaring the hell out of other WPs out there. Bill was becoming more and more the face of the NSM, and many out there even consider him to be the de facto leader of the group since Jeff Scheop has done a vanishing act since Bill White came on the scene. Many WPs do not like the NSM because they feel they make them look all look (moreso) like clowns. With a mentally unstable media whore like Bill White holding rally after rally, not only was he the face of the NSM, he was the only face of the WP scene that the media sees. That makes life easier for antifa because those most prominent in the Neo-Nazi circuit tend to fall rather quickly, and Bill, with no credibility among those in the WP scene, his Dick Barrett-esqe tactic of going to war with any WP group that isn't NSM, and investigations and lawsuits pending against him, is going to break the back of what is left of it as he goes down. On the flip side, that is a problem for the other, more (for lack of a better term) "credible" Nazis, all of whom pretty vocal on the WP discussion boards about Bill and the NSM being an incredible embarrassment that is complicating things for them. In the words of "Charles Coughlin", a poster on Stormfront: "Bill White does what he can to repulse average decent Americans."

And eventually he repulsed the NSM as well, who bounced him out of the group shortly after one of his latest online rants against the organization made them realize their folly. Bill went on to form a new, smaller group as well as publish a magazine. His rallies are often smaller fares, and sometimes it is just him. He has still found ways to make the evening news though. In 2007, he decided to go after black columnist Leonard Pitts, after he wrote a column noting how much a bunch of crybabies white supremacists were in saying that the murder of two white University of Tennessee students was not getting national attention, and would have if the suspects were not black. White decided to publish Pitts' home address on Overthrow, and that netted him a few newspaper stories as well as Pitts' an interview June 21 on Paula Zahn Now. We have to thank Bill for this though. This BS line about the Knoxville coverage was one that has been picked up from the white supremacist circles by certain conservative figures like Michelle Malkin and others, and Paula made it clear on the program that it was a white supremacist position. If Bill didn't go after Pitts, it would not have given Leonard Pitts the opportunity to make that point clearer than he did in his Miami Herald column and to a wider audience.

Bill however saw the attention it got him, and he went on to harass everyone else he doesn't like by posting their names and addresses, which of course is borrowed from our own practices. One difference though. We will not call for any violence to be done to anyone. Bill posts the personal information of anyone he feels needs to "see justice". Among them was a World War II veteran - that died two years prior. Then came the Jena Six story, and Bill thought it to be a good idea to post their addresses as well, along with an article titled "Lynch the Jena Six". That got the entire African Diaspora pissed off at Bill, but also at the media for making him look to be more of a threat than he is, and law enforcement who sit on their thumbs when if this was anyone else would have snatched them up before they knew what happened to them. As of this publishing, the end game of this chapter has not come yet.

As this silliness that calls itself Bill White continues to play out there will be stories coming from us, and stories coming from him, but there is an endgame in sight. BILL WHITE'S RAP SHEET There is probably more than these.. He was found guilty on both. The starter's pistol is what he used when he was threatening to kill himself to the Montgomery County Police.

01	Location
01	Case Number
Tracking Number
996000139374	Case Disposition
TRL	Disposition Date
Jan 11 2000	Index Source
Case Appealed?


Case Number
3B00385283	Tracking Number
996000139374	Written Charge
Charge Verdict Date
Jan 11 2000	 	 	 

Case Number
3B00385283	Tracking Number
996000139374	Written Charge
Charge Verdict Date
Jan 11 2000	 	 	 

BILL'S PROPERTIES (images lost)

819 Campbell St.
832 Patterson Ave. When we inquired about renting, the lady who came to the door asked why we wanted to rent from someone who was in the Ku Klux Klan.
Empty lot on the corner of Jackson St. and 13th. St.
1526 Patterson Ave.
1602 Patterson Ave.
1208 Chapman Ave.
1212 Chapman Ave.
1502 Chapman Ave.
1510 Chapman Ave.
1513 Chapman Ave.
1514 Chapman Ave.

 1517 Chapman Ave.  1609 Chapman Ave.  1621 Chapman Ave.  1629 Chapman Ave.

Bill White's car, and the decal you can find on it. Note the NA symbol in the middle of the winged creature.  Whitescardecal.jpg

This is the apartment where Bill is believed to be staying. It was right across from where he parked his car. (image lost)