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Steve Sailer

Steve Sailer
Steve Sailer
Employer(UPI): 818-766-7687
WebsiteSteve Sailer Sucks - about him
Home Base12515 LANDALE ST STUDIO CITY, CA 91604 (Los Angeles Suburb)
PhoneMobile: 202-841-1217
Published ByOne People's Project
Published OnSunday, 14 March 2004

Anyone who has done research on the internet on such topics as race, genetics, or interracial marriage may have directly or indirectly come across an infamous race researcher named Steve Sailer.

Who is Steve Sailer? He is one of a handful of extreme "scientific racists", affiliated with and often paid by extreme right-wing groups like VDare, American Renaissance, and others. He has written numerous pseudo-scientific articles on the internet that will fit his racist agenda that any race other than his own race, the White race, is inferior. He has a racist and condescending tone toward other races.

His falsified and racist writings have permeated the internet, creating many rumors and misunderstanding which have spread through many internet forums. Many unsuspecting people who have written articles on race or interracial marriages may have used Steve as a source while researching on the internet.

Steven Ernest Sailer is a white American male born in December 20, 1958. He attended UCLA in the early 1980s and worked for several years as a businessman in Chicago after college. In the late 1990s, he and his family (white wife Carole Sailer born 02/27/1959 and two sons) moved to his birthtown, Studio City, in the Los Angeles area where he currently resides.

It is the field of journalism, not as a businessman, which propelled Steve's publicity. Being a so-called race researcher who writes on and judges other races, and frequently condemns the non-white races as inferior and undeserving to live in America, it is only appropriate to ask, "What sort of experiences does Steve possess to research and judge other races?" He has no record of employment from the mainstream media, and he certainly has never been associated with Pulitzer winning publications or credible mainstream journalist organizations. He is not a doctor or scientist from an accredited institution in the field of race or genetics.

Possessing eloquent writing skills and a trashy attitude, Steve's first major employment debacle in journalism was for the National Review magazine, a far right-wing media publication infamously known for it's trashy, politically incorrect, borderline racist pieces of work. From 1994 to 1998, Steve wrote numerous inflammatory articles and excerpts on race and interracial marriages, primarily based on media stereotypes and his heinous group of extreme right-wing scientific racists (e.g. Phillipe Rushton, Sam Francis, the Pioneer Fund, Social Darwinists, etc...).

Once of his most (in)famous works for the National Review which boosted his publicity was the 1997 article on interracial marriages, "Is Love Colorblind". In the article, he believes Asian males and Black females are so inherently inferior and unattractive by birthright, they will be at a significant disadvantage in finding relationships and will be breeded out of society. This overexaggerated article was known to create gender divides among the races. Knowing the stir initially created by this article, he wrote another article in 2003 where he flat out lied about the 2000 Census stats on interracial marriages to repeat the havoc initially created so he can profit.

In the late 1990s, Sailer made two more accomplishments in the name of scientific racism. First, he created the Human Biodiversity Group, a right-wing eugenics thinktank where people with the mindsets of Steve Sailer can discuss and promote academic racism, homophobia, xenophobia, and eugenics policies. Among the worst members of the HBD group, whom Sailer Primarily bases his scientific research upon, are Charles Murray, Vincent Sarich, Arthur Jensen, John Derbyshire, Chris Brand, Philippe Rushton, Jim Woodhill, Steve Pinker, Jon Entine, and Peter Brimelow.

Second, Steve Sailer left the National Review to join the VDare internet publication. VDare is notorious for it's pro-fascist, anti-immigration stance and racist views to rid America of anyone who is not white. VDare's president, Peter Brimelow, declared the 1965 Immigration Act as "Hitler's revenge". As a note, VDare labels itself as a non-profit organization to avoid paying taxes and to give tax breaks to its contributors, but it profits anyway to employ exclusively right-wing biased journalists and racists so they can make a living.

Sailer's racist views and true colors became more prevalent after writing articles for VDare. Whether declaring that Latinos are no-good trash and Latino immigration must end, or that Blacks are genetically inferior in mental capability and do not deserve equal educational and economic opportunities, or that Asians are genetically inferior in physique and do not deserve opportunities in professional sports, Sailer has used VDare as his flagship to carry out his racist agenda of white supremacy and to trash on anyone who is not white like him.

Another less-than-plausible journalist achievement for Steve is joining the United Press International organization in 2001. Because writing articles under the VDare name was too conspicuous, the UPI seemed like a more neutral and acceptable logo at the time. However, a closer examination into UPI shows the same extreme right-wing bias.

The UPI, a subsidiary of the conservative Washington Times, is a 93-year-old agency which has been a financially troubled operation for the past three decades, with multiple ownership changes during the past 18 years. A major historical turning point of UPI was in 2000, when the Rev. Sun Myung Moon's media organization, News World Communications, purchased the Washington Times and UPI to extend his media regime to the international level. The Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who heads his Unification Church, is a cultist leader and extreme right-winger from Korea. He is known for starting an obsessive cult group, whom his followers are labeled Moonies, in America during the 1970s, and has been known to spread his ultra-conservative movement centered around him on an international level since then.

As you can infer, the UPI (also nicknamed the Unification Press International) exclusively employs right-wing biased journalists, including Steve Sailer.

Before you get offended with any of his writings, please keep in mind he is only a biased freelance writer. He is not a scientist or doctor from an accredited institution in the field of genetics or race. His livelihood depends on overexaggerating, even flat out lying, to create a stir among the public so he can profit and pay off his personal bills. Unfortunately, his countless writings on the internet has created much lies and discontent, and it is time to hold him accountable.